The streets are silent as I walk

Listening to the midnight talk

My sneakers fall on broken glass

Scattered shards, just like my past



In the houses I pass, they sleep unknowing

Above the trees the light is growing

In the sky there is no moon

It will be daylight pretty soon


Only darkness feels my pain

In the sun I can’t remain

No, in the daylight I can’t stay

Because I am

The Runaway

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yeah I dig this as well, has

yeah I dig this as well, has a good flow to it. sounds like some thoughts i had for a while a few years ago

"Sanity is not a binary state." - Me

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:) this hd a really nice flow

:) this hd a really nice flow to it! I love how the first four lines rolled off my mind :) and the lines "My sneakers fall on broken glass.  Scattered shards, just like my past" leave this perfect image of a young girl in converse walking with shoulders hunched, head down, stepping on glass and not carring

Much Love