Long Live


People may not understand

What's going on between us

Or why we both take a stand

They don't know what's on our hearts


We have our own worlds

Dreams made true by words

Happy endings and all that

Sometimes, our stories get sad


They might accuse us

Of losing our minds

They cannot blame us

We are our own child


Long live! We will be remembered!

Live free! We will live forever!

Long live! We belong together!

Free will! We are so much brighter!


Words may not come easy

But we will find them our way

They will find them classic

'Cause they'll soon get them our way


Long live! They will remember our lines!

They will remember our words!

Long live! We will be part of their lives!

They will see our own worlds!

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Written almost a year after I looked into your eyes for the first time

I don't remember what I saw

I don't remember the first time we spoke

Most would say that the moment a foundation is set

(because you only meet a person for the first time once)

you're supposed to remember


But I'm going to take a turn for opposites and choose tails instead of heads.


The little things matter.


Here's what I do remember:


The first time I confessed to you 

something about me because you had just done the same.

201 closing shift, I think it may have rained.


The first time you told me you didn't succumb to networking norms because it has no purpose.

Disappointment, yes.

Reminder of what friendships used to be before requests, much more yes.


Our lingering moments in the shelves,

digressions of the nonsensical shards of pain life had rained on us.


Notice how it always seems to rain.

That's how we'll know we're okay.

Our beings survive every time.


The first time we talked about going in

Man. Women.

Not a moment too soon, no hesitation.

We knew.


Every time I made you laugh,

the first time I snorted,

the way Big Brother must have seen us in the shelves

and thought our brains were distorted.


Little do they know...


But we're more sane than any living part of nature

Our senses are accute

Our eyes on radar

Our hearts, deeply wounded

Covered in patches that need occasional changing

Because people like us see the world for what it really is


A mission.


Gather your followers.

Get rid of the strays.

Keep the few and live.



You're still here.



The first time we told our stories.

The way you listened and I knew you knew because even when I didn't know you, I knew you, but now not yet then.




We rediscovered the beauty of speech.

I say I admire because in my mind you conspire with my emotions.

The voice of honesty.

The voice of reason.

Daily prescriptions.

Personal stash of self-help books

free of charge.


A bond is what is sent to you when you've overcome your battles

But the battle never ends because you live it in your head

So, before we know what's happening,

before we can understand,

we're assigned to each other

Glued, unremovable, roots to a tree

Before you can even stop and question

You have yourself another chance


But if I'm being honest,

I didn't see then what I see today.

A year ago I didn't know what I was trying to get to

A year ago I didn't realize how much more healing my deeply burdened soul needed

A year ago I was questioning every possibility

from here to world's end


I admire because you're unreachable to many,

but you let me grab on.


A year ago you let me stay

And I've never felt more okay.



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What About This?

What about this?
And what about that?


Thinking of a piteous father
Who has no bread to feed


A mother & a daughter

Living in their unattainable dreams


Look at this naive child
Silently crying for a single penny


Looking in his mothers’ eyes
Who’s also deprived & affright


Why don’t they deserve?
And why we do?


Why we are flirting with big cars?
And they are struggling just for food


Try to see these tears
Try to feel this pain


It’s just a matter of time

that makes you affluent or frail


All these ‘so-called’ amenities

Are not more than a piece of filthy trash


What about this?

And what about that?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's my very first poem...      :)

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Start Your Engines

Gentle tug only putters,
Gentle heart barely flutters,
Fuel can runneth over in your cup,
Endless drops of air to breathe right up,
Yet idle still you are without your spark,
The seasons of your life have jumped the shark,
It's time to resurrect you from your gloom,
It's time to let your flowers come full bloom,
That discontinued model of your heart,
will never have the option to push start,
So yank that cord and make that motor spin,
Command with roaring cries that life begin,
Bring order to the chaos of your death,
And down that cup of life 'til there's none left

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Maya Angelou Flow


These clothes ain't worth much,
There's not a penny to define
But I'm rich on your love
I have nothing
& everything at the same time


Money never grew on trees,
At least not on mine
But I have a nectar sweeter than bees
I have nothing
& everything at the same time


Can't afford that expensive stuff,
The cheaper will do just fine!
Life came hard & made me tough
I have nothing
& everything at the same time.


So don't feel bad for the things I lack,
Modesty's never been a crime!
I got a man that's got my back
I have nothing
But EVERYTHING at the same time

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote it while talking to my little bro. Started off as a joke & just turned into a poem. Suppose to have a smooth southern feel to it. Enjoy ;p

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A Poor man's Inspiration

Dreams I have of becoming someone Great…
Concerned I am of the direction my life might take..
 Victory difficult, impossible and pyrrhic perhaps ….
To put things in perspective, everything feels on the low.
 Concerns arise with every step that I take….
For fear of destiny, I might mistakenly break.
 To choose a beaten path, or to venture alone….

 To lead a path of Virtue or act like a Felon?

 Millions have taken… and millions more will take…

 The Easy path to Success turns to be another glorious fake.

 Alone I walk, my head held high in pride….

 My feet tread new routes for future generation to ride
 To serve my countrymen, is a question I wonder? ….
To see everyone equal, be it caste, color or Gender???!!!!
 Equal they say… that all men are
Honestly, may I plead... that the truth is so very far!!!!
 Respect the uniqueness and admire the Difference…
For the way we treat others, is ultimately our Reference!!!
 Character & Integrity seems such a waste of time…
Money & Power, all desires through  crime???!!!
 Seldom do we notice the difference in how we earn ….
People whom we crush and the ambitions that we burn !!!!
 The right way is often the harshest, coupled with good & bad
Money might never come easy…. But the sleep be the best you had.
 To help a Human Being, seems such a pain ….
He definitely seems dumb, what on earth do I gain???!!!
 No certificates await for a simple helping hand …..
The pure pleasure of giving makes your entire day grand!!!
 So cut out on the Pride and lend a patient ear ….
And then you might realize, the supreme value of a tear!!!
 To work hard is tough; flattery, a piece of cake….
Suck up to your boss & promotion you might make???!!!
 Sycophancy might, give a dubious head start …..
But Oh! In the long run … performance would tear one apart!!!!
 A Well-earned day's labor, gives satisfaction to many!!!
The Joy of earning your bread drives away all ills, if any!!!!!
 The thing about money, it ain't so evil ….
Allow it to guide you & you might dance with the Devil!!!!
A Silly advice that the meek always croon ….
Aim for the Sun & you might reach the moon!!!!!
The Goal never seems easy; you might be put to test ….
The odds seem impossible but never settle for Second Best!!!!!
Obstacles would grace you like misery on a rainy day….
Relief far and few, every second would make you pay!!!
The world is a stage; they state this as a fact ….
So out you go of the cage & be willing to act.
The measure of a man does not lie in mundane things….
A life less ordinary, he would live it large like a King!!!!!
Life is beautiful with all its mysterious ways….
Go Jump the Distance before the Pendulum Sways!!!!

Life .. Death .. and that phone call ...

Smoke fills the air…
remnants of an addicted nature ...
An empty bottle by my side …
liquor a regular feature.  
A future seemingly bleak...  
My mind convoluting without brakes
I seek out the easiest escape route , 
one decision is all it takes.
As moments slither by ,
the ceiling fan seems friendlier ...
To end it all seems appropriate ,
a tragic end to a dismal failure 
I look around for an alternative, 
all routes showing none ...
I messed up bad, I know it,  
The world too small for me to run ... 
Just a few more moments remaining ,
a sad conclusion to the million seconds before ...
I steel myself towards the finality ...
resignation writ large on my soul .... 
And then the phone starts ringing ...
I wonder who the caller might be ...
the incessant ring filling up the void
begging to be answered by me... 
A tentative 'Maa' comes forth, 
as I recognize the caller on the phone ...
my eyes start pouring away .
as my soul unburdens my woes
She proclaims no miraculous mantra ...
no grand statements of inspiration ...
she simply connects to me ...
courage enough to challenge my damnation.  
As I recall that call over the years ...
my beautiful daughter by my side
a few roses for a stony grave
and for my dear mother who never died.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tribute to a loved one .. Nuff Said !!


Tune up your senses, to the light in your eyes
To the plains of artistic beauty, you shall arise
Burn your love, with the embers of desire
Continue to soar, ever up higher

Stimulate your senses, to the dynamics, which surround
To the boundless wonders, you stand unbound
Kindle your entity, with the energies so pure
In nature lies, the most abundant of cures

Never aim too low, or accept what is given
To higher imaginations, you must envision
Discharge the feelings, which resonate with your form
To a divine state of awareness, you must reform

The heavens are your map, to the path of your fate
So move on in your journey, to the most blessed state
Where your senses are alive, with the actions you take
When you live free and dangerous, and everything’s at stake

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Art is your tool, to the beauties which nest inside
It is the key to realization, with false faces aside
It’s fueled by the passions, of countless dreams
It is the spire of your soul, beyond what may seem

It releases the power, of creativity and the mind
Endless memories and images, it shall unwind
It is the essence of man, in his purest state
Sources of fascination, it shall create

Art is the key, to the mysteries of a split soul
The energies of the universe, you so swiftly control
It unties the knots of a confused mind, to a state supreme
Infinity of magnificence, it shall forever stream

It is the source of, all that is of worth
It awakens our spirits, through multiple rebirths
It liberates our senses, from the shackles of fears
From madness in the form, of beautiful tears

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