Sentimental Summertime

What would it take

what would it take to make you mine 

can i have a second 

a second of your time

or maybe just a dance 

a dance for two under the stars

i want to vacation in the warmth 

the warmth inside your arms

On the rooftops in Seattle 

or lake michigans cold shores 

i don't care where we go 

as long as baby, i'm yours. 

Marbled Waves and Moonlit Shores


Marbled waves wash upon moonlit Michigan shores,
an infinite line between two subtle edges.

And as a single star marks the night sky
silouetting dark evergreens,
the many frogs in rhythmic chorus
the waterfowl from across the lake.

Looking at this dim yellow-blue horizon,
the sun going down quietly
and as night begins to fall,
I yearn for deeper, better things.
I yearn for God.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Michigan. As I stood upon the shoreline of a small lake, I watched the yellow-blue sunset.

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