A hand full of air

Something stirring 

A cautious hover 

Over a breaking smile 

gratitude spills 

tumbling over the reverently held ether 

life lives here, moistened with 

Blood, sweat, Tears and rain 

Every fall a rise 

Like the breath of providence 

A dip left 

A twist right 

the rhythm of life inspires dance,

Poetry, art, music and song  

Like air slipping over chords

Sacred Verbage 


Your hands are never empty 

There is no void, 

There is only the appearance of nothing 

Which by the mere thought is even something 

So grab on tight!

Even when it seems there is no thing

it really is something, isn't it? 

Oh what we see, be and do when nothing is impossible! 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, yes you can! 

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make a choice take a chance

I made a choice 
To live in 
A different atmosphere 
With only some in my social sphere 

A place away from home 
Or rather my original home 
Cause I was brought up here 
But doesn't feel the same here 

It's so amazing 
How people change, for instance 
My lovely neighbours 
Don't even care to meet me once 

And now I live In my home 
Away from home 
Alone but not sad 
Cause I don't repent on choice I made 

So strange is this feeling 
Coz when I was back there I 
Laid sleepless alone 
Dreaming of this home 

Now I understood the thing 
Place doesn't make life 
It's the people among us who do 
And so I feel bad too 

But I don't feel low 
Cause my dad told me once 
You must make a choice to take a chance 
Or your life will never change

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How am I doing? I'm in this world soul searching, redefining my purpose. In search of an inspiration of this life. The heart of my breath has taken its course. I am doing what many don't and many do. I am trying to live this battle of love. For love has its twist and turns but it forever burns into my soul for I have been forsaken. I gave my pure innocence and it was taken and abused and ripped into pieces. I am torn from the echoes of words that hurt so much. I am doing what I think should be done. I am stepping forward but looking back to the selfish people and their demeaning ways for I once lived in their shoes. I walked the path of that dishonest journey. But I am doing ok. For I have cried many nights wondering how I am doing, really. How this question is easily answered with a 'good or ok' but this time I answer in straight forward thoughts and feelings that vibrates my veins for its the only thing I have left. My feelings. My memories. The ones I wish were able to be expressed but cut off the love I thought existed in my spirit. But I will live. I will survive. I may be knocked down. But with the gods I will get up and try harder each time. For the question remains 'How are you doing? ' I am doing much more than I ever done and that in itself is worth saying: I am doing, doing. Thank you for asking!


Don't think I am inspired

Cause you just set my heart on fire

I don't need skills

I just need to chill

I might breake things again

off what i did

so I must be careful

or else it won't be grateful

I need inspirations

And think of their expectations

I hope this poem is good

or I'll just end up like a fool...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspireations in a bad way somehow IDK

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Sentimental Summertime

What would it take

what would it take to make you mine 

can i have a second 

a second of your time

or maybe just a dance 

a dance for two under the stars

i want to vacation in the warmth 

the warmth inside your arms

On the rooftops in Seattle 

or lake michigans cold shores 

i don't care where we go 

as long as baby, i'm yours. 

Orange Little Ball

An orange little ball,
Tattered and torn to bits,
No longer does it fly straight,
Its course lost, its path in fits,


An orange little ball,
Sad within its cracks and in its creases,
Faded bumps, its lost its grip,
It now falls to pieces,


Orange little ball,
Come to death smiling,
Never live just to die,
Happiness lives in and amidst the crying,


Orange little ball,
Wipe the tears away,
There is peace to be found,
In and amongst the fray.

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From This Internet

2011 Poetry

From this internet
My story began
In my mind
You are the one

From this internet
I was amazed
But I am happy
To give my last phrase

You are the reason I believe in dreams
I can’t wait to sit and browse you
Share my thoughts and everything
Coz you are unbelievable

All I need is just the two of us
My dreams come true
Though it was all in mind
I cannot live without you

I’m here for You
As long as I live
And nothing I can give
But to love you
And I promise you this


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