I looked in the mirror, and never saw myself
I saw an image of truth, a reflection of reality
Just a display of physical features, but not me
To say you see yourself is a delusion, a lie
The mirror can be misleading, it gives the notion of boundaries
It labels you, it defines you, into a figure, into a form
It falsely outlines your being into the shapes of matter
The fact is, you’re formless, your soul encompasses all what you perceive
Your essence flows with nature, and your spirit exists outside your vessel
You are a being, not an object, an organism, not a machine
Sight cannot identify you, rather the images you portray
Not in the appearance of your eyes, but in the words they say
Your love exhibits ability, not in the utterances of those around
It stretches beyond expectation, to a future confound
You eyes may detect what’s in the mirror, and spot a person
But it also feels, it also relates, imagines and dreams
It contains the world of truth, and the one that just seems
It looks at a person, but sees a soul in a state divine
It senses a perfection, it realizes infinity, and a light sublime

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Life is vibrant, but it is at stake
Its fire this system, is trying to take
Our minds are beautiful, unique to each
To infinite horizons, its images could reach

Art is everywhere, it spreads about
In wondrous plains, does its passion sprout
Our forms are existential, insignificant yet great
Unifying light with dark, and love with hate

Our eyes see not concrete, but colors of art
They project our desires, cravings of heart
They see the unreal, detect the lies

They gather the pain, release through cries

Our hearts soar free, with beauty to share
Into the mysteries of life, we’ll forever stare
These things that we feel, and keep hidden inside
Just torture our thoughts, and in shame we hide

Our lives are precious, we must see it that way
It’s our duty to share, laugh, love and play
For this blessing we have, into a curse may turn
Unless awareness is keen, and freedoms return

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Fickle Bitch

My Fickle Bitch

My first thought, "Fuck you,
you Fickle Bitch",
as you flash that coquettish smile,
slinking in with catlike grace,
unfazed by my dismay.
I wait for you, pen in hand,
never asking where you've been
when you leave me desolate, alone;
barren, bare, striped to the mystical poetic bone;
tormented by your absence -
and then you stumble in,
giddy to find me
grateful at your return,
watching as those
spiteful thoughts melt
with your merest smile,
knowing all is forgiven,
without apology.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to the Muse

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Do you moisturize?

Lists of things to do today
That’s all I write
Like that’s okay
I think of poems
here and there
I speak in puns
I like to hear
I can’t read some
of you verbose poems
They are to lengthy
while I’m going
Through this page
to fill my mind
With images
that I’ll leave behind
Like so many lives
I’ve lived in dreams
Fade away like
lotion creams

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's been a while since I wrote anything. I thought of you.



Everytime I cried
And feel the pain inside
I squeeze my eyes and pray
That things would soon turn easy.

I wonder what have I done
Or had I made my choices wrong
Regret is out of the way
For whatever it’s worth
I am at least, once, happy.

I gave my everything and all
Laid down my cards on the table
Too late to realize
That this is but one fight
Where transparency doesn’t connive
For the game is played
Without recourse for what is right.

Everytime I cried
I wish and pray for strength
For the load is heavy and huge
And my back is not that strong
Then I saw the loving smile
In the face of my little girl
I knew I had never loss
For there she is, and she is my focus.

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'Dark Steering'

Transportative trance, traversing this tectonic temporal terrain.
Like a champion, with an observant stance, a rival with powers far beyond comprehension.

Talking to me within this; the pathway of my mind, unraveling the center of my processes.
Giving commands, both verbal and not, demanding my actions and then my reactions.
Taking control, of this sudden submission, while wondering about in this temporal storm.

Taken over by light, by chaos and distraction, enjoying the ride beyond my better judgment.
Although, I do have but this one regret.

That, I have this one life to live, with absolute caution, I must find a way for transport back home.
Where I can be safe forever, rest my processes to repair from such a ravaging.
To stand aside until the chains of this sanity can become inevitably undone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired from watching the music vid from Squarepusher of the same name 'Dark Steering'.


Falling over myself to get to the sun,
It’s risking to give me legs
So that I may stand to see its gift;
The gift of unappreciated warmth.

In return, I offer the words
From my soul, from my Life,
So that no one forgets my reason,
That guides me back to the light.

This Sun-Day is everyday,
To remind us of our purpose
In being… to remember and admire,
To thank and inspire, those with third eyes.

21 April, 2007

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Emily's Story(Part 1) Poem#8

Some Time ago
From beyond head to toe
I was on a rush of the most amazing experince of something pure
Though i didn't know her well, it was something i wasn't so sure
About how i really felt...i'll never forget it
Nor will i ever regret it...
What i was reading, i could not believe...
But the she lived her life, was something as how could anybody be relieved?
It was just amazing. I doubt anyone of you can relate
If you can i apologize, so instead i'll just tell it to you straight.
16 years old.
Living life as if it was gold
Or trying
to at least even laugh, 50 times a day
And not even in specific,just going by her way :)
Is what she was best known to do to keep her mind of things
Each day she said, doing those little things,was like a day or a week living in the springs
Anyone can do that if they really tired..
But for a reason why she does these things, might make you upsest, i know because i cried..
Leave all your questions and concerns aside
At least for now
I'll try to keep this as neat and tighty as a bow.
I promise..
As a child, it was very limited, she had all she could have
She giggled and smiled, such tearful scenes you would see, her best friend was a stuffed dinosaur, as colorful as muave
Kinda like Barney, if i wasn't mistaken, such happiness it brought to her, everysecond of every day, such suave
The only things she didn't like so much was taking baths, like anyother kid, wasting time away from having fun
The need to finish in a hurry, she never even thought about skipping bath time, she wasn't in a run
So she always stayed and bathed herself, slashing water, bubbles soap flying everywhere she noticed something she always hated
Washing her hair, she expeically hated brushing it, each time she brushed, streams and bundles of hair would shed to her hand...dying hair, she elated
It didn't bother her, she just smiled and folded her bandana, tied both ends and placed it on her head.
Each and everyday, giggling and reading books, by herself, smiling at pictues of girls with hair, and glisten colors of their lips, her favorite color, red
Her bandana, her cloths, her lips, everything she has, touches is red, even her heart, beating as calm as she always is.
She doesn't understand why she was dignosed with leukemia or where it came from, all she knew was it made her brain fizz...
Most of her childhood, maintaimed by the cancer, she saw it as a obstacle rather then an illness, she never let it bring her down
Tears, sobs, shaking and wiping, it never lasted to her there was no such thing as a frown
Nor a bad day or a situation, i honestly do not know if she was popular, but she has the joy and heart of a something pure
Not a person, nor thing, but a spirit, an angel
Her friends were her only family she had, why?
Because her parents never wanted her, never cared for her, not even noticed her, they pretty much waited for her to die...
She couldn't handle it anymore...
As a teenager, she was poor
Did everything she could by herself, she never asked for help nor begged, she just did it on her own
She later ran away, and never looked back, not a tear shed nor did her heart stopped, she just walked and watched her parents wave goodbye...her heart was thrown
Right out of her chest, when she saw her parents she ran, for 2 whole freezing weeks...
Clenching her fists, she wondered from every street name through every end of sidewalks through empty lifeless parks, she didn't know what the world looked like, the cold air breezed turning red on her cheeks
Rubbing for warmth, her bare hands began to shake and shiver
It was dark, each night she walked to look for a new place to sleep, she began to quiver...
She felt like she's been prisoned by her parents from seeing the world and beyond..
She still smiled her freezing cheeks, warming herself up, as she yawned
She was droopy.
She then felt loopy...
She fell right on a fresh cut lawn filled with stiff cold blades of grass, she turned laying on her back...
Her eyes were blurry, she was starving, tired, and so very lonely, she couldn't help but look to the night skies and see lights coming from above where she layed, her eyes faded she looked up to the light, then black...
"Little girl?... Hey? you ok? Hey!" "Darla! Darla!!! get the sheets from the bedroom!! Hey psst little girl! wake up..Wake up!"
The nice couple, picked her up and carried her inside there home, they watched her, even prayed for her
She was awake the whole time, she just needed to know if the people from the outside where kind, of she cried, silently in the warm dim lighten bed where she layed, and sat up
Then she was surprised by a small pup
The pup licked her face
She giggled and laughed, smiling, playful with the puppy, she looked around the room, it was nice, full of bright colors of rows of lamps and antiques*What is this place?*
"You're safe...little girl, are you ok?"
"Where did you come from?" *I ran away* "i'm sure your parents are worrried sick?" *They told me to run away...they just threw my cloths and blankets out the door...and said we don't want you i ran, and a nearly froze to death, on your lawn, i don't have anywhere else to go, so if you have a kind enough heart, will you let me stay?*
"You can stay for as long as you like, i won't tell them you're here...i'm sure they'll think the police have found you and brought you into costody"
*Oh..* "Shh sh sh, its ok, just warm up under these sheets, would like a warm cup of tea?"
Emily smiled like she nevered before, *yes!* she giggled, the nice lady tugged emily in nicely and walked out the room
Emily looked out the window she saw flowers, she never saw those in her life, she only saw pictures, there were roses, red roses, and they had finally bloom
She looked up straight at the ceiling
*A fan?* she watched the ceiling fan blades triwl, she had a feeling
Her heart beat with warm soft thumps, she was healing..
Part 2 coming soon.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Universally Acclaimed on my Facebook account in what all my friends/fans on my Facebook have called it "My Best Poem Ever"

I wrote 3 parts of these, i spent my entire Senior Year getting to know this amazing girl that lived in Australia, recently moved to Robs town, Texas.
It was the most amazing experience I've ever had, i loved this girl with all my heart<3 This is for you Emily<3

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Robins (Haiku)


Listening to them
chirp after three days of rain
soothing to the soul.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

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