Did You Ever Care

Ever gotten that feeling where you wanted to die?

Felt like nothing was left of you,

And you just wanted to say goodbye?

Tired of the sorrows that reign in your heart too?

Thought about the blade in all of its shine

And the regrets that buried in time?

What happens when all you have is hope,

But that leaves you too. How can you cope?

Do you begin again,

Or do you put it to a final end?

What happens when all apologies have left your heart?

How could you ever forget that feeling, so tart?

Resolutions seem too far past

To reconcile the love that was meant to last.

Maybe hope is too much to ask for

Even for the love that we promised to adore. 

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destinyfate's picture

Very nice. I can relate to

Very nice. I can relate to this. Pain is such a terrible thing.

hopelessly-candid's picture

ugh it is the worst!.... but

ugh it is the worst!.... but pain demands to be felt..... thank you for commenting :)

elliot_jordan2003's picture

I can relate to this, sitting

I can relate to this, sitting in Jr high holding a razor blade and thinking how much would I be missed how fast I'd die and if I would suffer.great poem

hopelessly-candid's picture

i'm really sorry your

i'm really sorry your experienced that...... when you hit that point you just feel so lonely and hopeless and like there is this huge void in your heart... or at least i did...

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I too have felt this way. Its part of being alive and living is allwe know how to do sometimes when everything in the world we once have known has come crashing down around our feet.  But.....sometimes its the absence of those things that define us as who and what we really are. the lifting of the veil.    Excellent evocation of the despair one feels when swimming the sea  heart- broken-ness. Well done

a.griffiths57's picture

    The sadness and



The sadness and heartbreak is well described in this poem you have created. All hope is lost and the melancholy is contagious, vey emotive work this poem. Well written and a very good read.




hopelessly-candid's picture

Thank u so much!! Im so glad

Thank u so much!! Im so glad I was able to successfully convey those emotions.... I was in a pretty dark place writing this particular piece

elliot_jordan2003's picture

Sometimes u just have to let

Sometimes u just have to let your emotions out no matter how much you cry