in a pitch black room

I'm staring at the ceiling

searching for a reason

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just felt like making an haiku whilst having some bad feelings :-(

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A master at lies,

That’s how I learned to open my eyes.

Now I’m told that I’m the fool, when I point out deception.

Sick and tired of the constant rejection.

I’m told I’m crazy, for what I understand.

They say it can’t be comprehended by a man.


Do it on your fucking own!

Cause in the end, you the one who’s truly boned.

All I ever wanted, was to ease your pain.

So tired of crying in the rain. 

Don’t even bother coming to me for help,

Cause you know you don’t care how I felt.

You should have listened when you had the chance.

Don’t come at me with the bullshit romance.

Doomed to be a loner till the day I die,


O well, so long, goodbye. 

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Don't cock block my vitamin D or you'll make a real bitch outta me


“You need eye wear,” says the kid at the gym
“I didn’t last time,” I said to him
“Well unfortunately it’s our policy”
Was his reply back to me
I don’t know why it pissed me off so bad
I know he’s just doing his job but I got so mad
10 dollar eye wear…yeh okayyy go fuck yourself
Do me a favor and put that shit right back on the shelf
Smiling softly and saying “I understand” as I walk away
Thinking about things that I'd really like to say
All I wanted to do was get into a tanning bed
But I left that place fucking pissed off instead
I hate the people that work at that particular Planet Fitness
I gotta stop going there or God is my witness
The bell will toll and heads will roll
The little bitchy girl behind the counter goes first
She’s the one that annoys me the worst
Wanna throw punches and elbows in her smooshy snotty little face
Get all UFC up in that wretched place
Knock the kid with the eye wear from here to hell
Then beat his ass with a 20lb dumbbell
“Now that would be a workout”, I think as I start my car
I’m glad I don’t have to drive very far
It’s fucking frrrrrrreezing
Which is why I love tanning so much during this season

Author's Notes/Comments: 

little things really piss me off for no reason i vent by writing i guess?

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