Arrows falling from the sky,

these cowards hiding behind their wall,


But we are determined to break through

one way or another


Many have already sacrificed their lives on this plain,

but as they say in chess "the pawns must go first"


There is too much at stake for us just to go home

too much sweat and blood has already been shed


To the last man we will fight,

and to the last man we will die.


We wear this armor with our utmost pride,

this disrespect will not stand


Agamemnons wrath will be quenched

until Troy falls his revenge will be incomplete






Author's Notes/Comments:

Embrace your masculinity and sexiness. 

Fuck the haters and control freaks who want to suppress your genius.

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One of the greatest victories in history unravelled before her eyes, more gruesome than she ever imagined.

Flames and blood ignited in her mind as the powerful sight of the ruin forced a vision of the jewel city shattering in her mind.

The vision slowly ebbed away revealing the crumbles and ashes of the same city.

The smallest of her steps created a tornado of cinders around her.

After one step her knees no longer supported her and the ash covered her as completely as a cacoon when she fell.

Pain like the sting of a bee overwhelmed her eyes, blurring her vision. The once clear scene in front of her became a swirl of dark black smoke. Suddenly, a figure walked out into her hazy sight. As far as she could tell, the person was a woman with long silver hair that floated around her head like a halo. Steadily, her blinking cleared away the fog but once her vision was crystal clear again the woman was gone.

An apparition?

A hallucination?

Or just a slight trick of the fog?

Whoever or whatever it was, was gone. Now the bricks of the fallen city lay still, as silent as the darkest midnight. She stood up shaking off the last of the ash and walked into the city. Small buildings surrounded a marketplace, the type of place where a normal family might have walked and played and laughed. Farther down, there was an arena built into the ground. The pit was flooded with rains after being unkempt by the owner. Normal everyday life was taken from this city--and because of what--A pretty girl. Unfair doesn’t even begin to cover the senseless violence that occurred here, in Troy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is only a part of a longer story that I'm writing, so sorry about anything that doesn't make sense out of context.