Muses of Life


And what I desire

Isn’t time

But what time justly gives

Moments lost

Yet treasured in darkness

A home in me; they live

And what I crave

Is of no value

Where dollars make no sense

Afflictions united

Where dreams blossom

Precious time well spent

And what I lust

Is not of flesh

But something to shock my core

A riveting tale

So wholesomely made

Never needing anything more








At the end of the road,

In the midst of battle,

With more foes than I could bear,

And not a friend to find,

They came to me,

My Muses.

We will go with you.

You will come with us.

We will be as one.

Fire and Flame,

Dust and Water,

Dark and Life,

We formed together,

In the form of an eagle,

And flew away.

We will show you truth.

We will give you light.

We will bring you justice.

We've been together ever since,

Winningmany battles,

They had come with me.

I have went with them.

We have been as one.

Fighting ever onward,

With Truth and Light and Justice

Always by my side.


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