Muses of Life


And what I desire

Isn’t time

But what time justly gives

Moments lost

Yet treasured in darkness

A home in me; they live

And what I crave

Is of no value

Where dollars make no sense

Afflictions united

Where dreams blossom

Precious time well spent

And what I lust

Is not of flesh

But something to shock my core

A riveting tale

So wholesomely made

Never needing anything more







Deep End

Imagine breathing in,

What if you left all the swears behind?

What happens in the end?

What matters are the sins that casted by,

Life seems,

Like nothing in those dreams.

All we'll ever be,

Are nomads in this scene.


Lasted through the doubt.

Finally room for our faith here.

I've been hallow since,

But I will never choke.

I won't choke.


Pain felt through the those sheets.

All the dreams,

Are felt between. Us.

Life can only mean,

Hardly anything.

If our hallutions are only delusions.

We should leave this illusion.

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I Do Wonder?

I do wonder.

Did your heart ever stop roaming?
Did you ever find a true love?

Its been so long ago, I do ponder.

Did you ever give love a chance?
Did your mind ever find that one to dance?
Though I do not know why you come to mind.

And truly I do not know.

I still wonder.

I still ponder.

What has ever become of you?

Did you ever find a love to give a chance?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its an enigma to me why this person comes to mind. They never do until I start writing. What is that?

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Get up

i am wide awake watching myself sleepwalking
playing possum so well it's like a spell i cannot break free from
shake me up push me,
tell me you see my eyes open
nothing works for it is all too detached
blessings slipping and sliding from who i used to be
before who i am can reach for and get there
stop that is not for you, but for me!!!
will i just lay there or wake and stand for me?

i stand fighting to open my eyes and see
not just peek and look in tiny glimpses
help me hold my hand until i am no longer whoosie
i can do this,
i will
get up!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am seeing all the things i had forgotten that mattered shaken ... such a reminder to live out loud!!!