Insane Love

Once in a while you drift away ,
away from your destined path,
You fell in love with a rogue wind,
You fell in love with that freedom she had,
Freedom to wander without knowing where you are going,
Its a bliss to be free,
Free like a wild horse
But , for how long . . . !!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I as many other dreamers out there, always dreamed of being free, free from everything that would stall me from doing what I love, but I always feared of the outcome, how that will affect my ife how deeply that will affect my inner peace, what if that is temporary.sometimes I feel like a little control over life has it's benefits .

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Snake Boats & Artificial Canals

Where is Cochin?

Where is Cochin?

tourist site

aligned with

coconut palms.


At December's end

Indira's snake boats



What is in India?

What is in India?

Artificial canals

the orginal site

of Vasco De Gamma's

grave, an ancient

christian church,

an annual Jewish Festival.

History happened here.


Lady A