The River of Your Hair

Perverse & Bazaar
Sun-ripened like the tender skin of a 
sweet pear,
flowing infinitely downward
past and onward still;
a nape of neck, but ever downward,
Her almond tresses spill.
Bare shoulder brushing 
aside the tickle
but still a trickle downward,
ever onward,
never still.
Between her breasts 
where hill meets dale,
most beautiful curtain
creates immaculate veil.  
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Truly Lovely.

I knew from the title that this one would be beautiful.

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serenity of sensuality

addicted to this   On repeat 

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Thanks for the read 

Thanks for the read 

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All the other comments say so

All the other comments say so much that I can only agree with them, I cannot add anything as I stand in the presence of this magnificent poem.

Starward soon to be changed to J-Called

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I thank you for the value of

I thank you for the value of your insight 

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agree with all my fellow commenters. hopefully one day a man will think of me this way ;) 

please read my poems, and enjoy the real-life drama that is my life!

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This is one of the most

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever must have been inspired by someone kinda special....with great hair x)

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Sweet and sensual. Nicely

Sweet and sensual. Nicely crafted, William. Flows long, silky hair... :D


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poetically sensual... or

poetically sensual... or sensually poetic?? anyway, u get the idea, right??

nicely crafted poem :) liked it

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A musical, now a poem :D. Very ticklish and tantalizinly visual. I love extended images that bite! A Georgia On My Mind read - Just Bein' Stella