What Is The Multiplication And Division Of Happiness?

Have you ever thought how happiness can be multiplied or divided?
Did you search enough to find it?

We live on the earth that carries rules unique,
If we understand the mathematics of happiness our personality can reach its peak!

The thumb rule here is happiness multiplies in helping many!!
The thumb rule here is division of joy is seen when I am selfish for every penny!!

The earth has placed multiplication in bliss!!
Only when humanity stands as supreme religion not that or this!!

If on earth you bring a smile,
If on earth you selflessly take care of a sick for a while,

If on earth you want to spring out a better life for the poor,
Your happiness has multiplied in multifold as then the Lord becomes the doer!

But if I want to eat and drink for myself
And if my world is my family itself!

Why was I given a human life?
An animal and creatures live the same life?

When I think all life with a selfish gain and intention
Then my life sees division of joy given as a pension….

So the message on earth is clear,
Service to man is absolute happiness, not living like a seer…..

We are here to connect to an infinite vision,
We are not here to waste our lives on some petty personal mission…

So don’t get stuck on how to get more and more!
Give yourself in service, with your heart filled with love to the core!!

Once you start working for mankind!
Happiness will multiply par infinity and the lord will pour grace as his sign!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mathematics of happiness!

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Let us synthesize a placebo,
to make us lose ourselves
inside this bleeding catacomb.

Let us become lost, confused,
so we may rebuild ourselves
from the rubble of our ruin.

High pitch foghorns to flood our minds.

Quietness of the mind is a protest
in its own silence.
the television, confused vision, movie star, and liquor bar.
Hobbies busy societies
so the leaders may bleed ears,
deafened by the cell phone,
defended by an overtone.

Passiveness is the new dress.
Slogans to stop all pens
from writing
about stopping…………stop.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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Is there love?

It's as if to be caught in love
running along only to stumble over your beauty
and to fall into your eyes
while my hands run to your waist
at a glance your lips speak on their own
spilling colorful thoughts and mystery
Intwined with my own
your smell seduces me
and your taste ignites my tongue

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I never would have imagined it
But some how you did
That day you said it, I fell
Backwards in shock, and I did,

I actually became speechless
The day you told me you loved me
I found myself in a sate of bliss
And this I know you can see

Because that day I told you
That I was
I didn’t know how true, just how
True you’re feelings were/was

And every time you say it
I find that I am still
Struck speechless, because it
Is the greatest thing, even still

I could not have imagined it
Not then, not ever
That your feelings where there, it
Has become something that I cant live without, not ever

I am so struck by your love
That even now as I write this
I know you weren’t sent from above
But I still feel such bliss

Each and every time you say it
That you love me
I find that I cannot say it
But somehow I do, this I know you can see

How your love has given me
A new reason to face the day
Even though I still want to be set free
I still will find a way

To go on and see
What this new day has in store
I know that one day I will be set free
And toward them, close that door

That will all come, one day
And that day I shall rejoice
And finally say
That they gave me no choice

But even until then
I still find myself speechless
Each and every time when
You tell me of your love, because its bliss

Written on
July 26, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to Scott Wolf. The very first time he said he loved me, I was speechless. I found myself 'speechless' everytime he tells me that he loves me. I figure this will be the same thing my whole life, with him.

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Boy Ascends

Was I born an empty thing to place within a set of rings?

I sought to love the man above but then I found my set of strings

The skins and stones and sticks and woes that set my mind a flurry

Will make such noise I can't avoid and set myself to scurry

I do intend to re-begin and squeeze a damsel with both hands

And when it's right I'll go inside and two will act as one again

But for now I'll stop to think and forget to eat a meal

And all that loss will just result in further sex appeal

I am not a hollow being, I came with mixed reserves

But to my guide I can't decide which purpose each one serves

So to command this problem and solve it for all time

I will release my all and wish for the proper to arrive

Thus when smoke has cleared and I'm exposed to all?

I will demand their greatest hand as I have breached their walls

And on their knees they will decree that I am what was given

To appease the Gods and increase the odds of man that lives in heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reach for the skyyyyyy.

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