Embers of Halley's Comet

Just a thought!

Born out of balance under an October sky,

Amidst burning embers in tailings of Halley's Comet...

Strewn to the Earth, I was sown in the garden,

Nature's womb bore my infectious seed.

Dispersed through the air in contagious disease,

Now infecting every creature's living breath...

No vigilant struggle shall escape my grasp,

My disease has no cure..."For I am Death"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Embers of Halley's Comet"

End Moonlight, End Darkness - April 16, 2012

Chapter One

Up all night again, sick of yourself.

Short breaths plague the black captivity.

You wish it could be back to normal,

Or at least degrade to a lesser severity.


Previous occurrences have moon light blood,

Now all to feel is the soft red warmness.

Consciousness progresses further into night;

Ending in moonlight becomes end in darkness.


Thoughts infect, searing pain in my brain;

My tolerance but a memory now digressing.

I can't take any more, I'm going insane;

Madness dragging me down, always progressing.


Paranoia, an occurrence so often wanted gone,

Is raging in my mind like it never has before.

Thinking situations and conclusions so wrong,

I'm sick, done, not tolerating this anymore.


A handful of pills, a quick bullet to my brain,

Or maybe a therapist, to tell me I'm insane.

It's hard to go on when you're barely alive;

It's hard to live when you're never recognized.

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Antidote - March 24, 2012

Chapter One

I'm sorry about my burden, how I'm so wrong,

And how I'm so stupid with all that I do.

I'm sorry about the way I am, I dont belong.

I'm sorry that I never at all deserved you.


But you can't see this part of me I'm hiding,

That's so crudely hidden under what you see?

I'm sick of crying, and I can't keep on trying,

Without you I'm worthless, you are so free.


You're my antidote that gets me past every day,

You're the one to always save me from my agony.

I wish I could show you I can't live this way.

I wish I could show you my sorrowful blasphemy.


The infectious pain quickly tears me apart,

And shatters my will within a few words.

I feel so helpless, I wish I could restart,

And go back to when I wasn't such a coward.


You're my lost antidote, come cure this poisoning;

Come reverse me, turn me to my former being.

Please stay forever and keep me from maddening,

And keep me from the edge, stop the bleeding.

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The Brave and The Dead

There were a lot of so called "preppers" before things fell apart. Clogging up the radio and tv waves, talking like they had it in control, like they knew what was coming, but it all was rubbish...they were just publicity whores, trying to make a quick buck by selling their books and being on tv...when the world faced its own end, no one was truly prepared. The few of us who survived were just lucky.
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Scientific Observation


Plague victims, as they gave in to the infection were observed, and noted to have loss of coordination, confusion, decrease in some mental functions and increase in others while in the early stages, In the later stages, increased aggression was noted, along with an increase in strength, which seemed offset the lack of coordination. Once in the final stages, their violent nature would become too mu
ch for normal restraints, and they would often break free, and over power even four doctors or more, biting and clawing which can infect anyone who is attacked; they also have a tendency to spit and throw saliva, as their glands go into over drive producing a large amount fluid. This presented the biggest threat outside of just breathing the same air in close proximity.



In the months after, martial law was already breaking down...we saw trained soldiers running like cowards in the streets, and scientists begging to a God they once denied...guns and knowledge had failed us, when we were for so long, taught to believe they would save us...there was nothing left to save, and no way to fight back..all we could was survive.

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Zombie myth#5 Only humans can be infected

While the main outbreak does only infect humans, there have in fact, been several variants reported, all designed to infect and be carried by different species, such as birds, domesticated pets, various animals in the food supply, and even insects; all tested as means to wage bio warfare in the war against terrorism, not only against the humans, but also the environment they exist in.

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Zombie myth#3 They always drag one foot behind

Unless they are injured before being infected or after, they are as limber and fluid as any non infected person, and often have the ability to run, although that depends on the state of the person and the generation of the strain, and how and what part of the brain it has affected and altered. Some cases of the infected having the ability to jump have been claimed, but ultimately not verified.

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Zombie myth#2 Zombies never attack each other

As the strain adapts and mutates, the new generation of infected will in fact, attack and kill the first generation carrying the older strain, both as a show of dominance but also to do away with those that are weaker to allow the strong to thrive, as proven in the secrete labs which tested different generations of the virus in a kind of micro biological warfare.

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