Talkin To My Damn Self (In the tune of "Walkin After Midnight" by Patsy Cline)

I'm always talkin, to my damn-self, 

be-cause no one else, ever seems to listen to me. 

So I'm left talkin, to my damn-self, like I am crazy. 


I have good ideas, that no one ever hears, 

cause they're too busy,  always staring at a screen.  So I'm left talkin, to my damn-self, like I am crazy.


I'm often asking myself why, do I even try to get my voice, to be heard. 

Unless I shout and scream, no one hears me,

and when I do, they tell me, I'm mean.


Now I keep talkin, to my damn-self,

Cause there's no one else, who gives a damn about what I say,

 and ill keep talkin, to my damn-self, cause they drove me crazy.


I'm often asking myself why, do I even try, to get my voice, to be heard. 

Unless I Shout And Scream, No One hears me,

And when I Do, they tell me, I'm mean.


So I'm Left Talkin! To my damn-self! Cause there's no one left! who gives a fuck about what I say!

And I'll Keep Talkin, To My Damn-self, Cause I Am Cra-zy!!


Barbara Lynn

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all feel ignored, invisible and down right crazy at times... or is it just me??

I've. Already. Died.


Were my life to just cease,

Would it even be a great loss?

Or would their grief, for me,

Be so hard to come across?


Would any weeping ensue,

With a heart that's so aching?

From their guilt of the years,

Convinced I, was only faking?


And would they even feel sorry,

For tossing me carelessly away?

For breaking my aching heart?

For causing me, such dismay?


Will they realize how I've hurt,

Because of their frequent inactions?

For blaming me for it all?

And for contrived-false infractions?


I feel buried-cold and forgotten,

Despite how hard I have tried.

Because nowadays, it's like,

..........I've. Already. Died.


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Judging books

He sits in

the room

where they wish

they didn't

see him

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I'm The Girl in The Hall

I'm the girl in the hall


the one that no one

gives a second glance.



I'm the girl in the hall


the one that no one

bothers to say hi to.



I'm the girl in the hall


the one that no one

pays any attention to.



I'm the girl in the hall.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not sure if it's done yet or not...

What do you think?



Here we are again

back in Hell.

When will we get out?

Only time will tell.


I need to get out of here.

I can't stand this shit.

Fuck my life,

and everyone in it.


At times,

it seems like I'm not even there.

If I die,

will anyone care?


Should I continue,

or call it quits right here?

Maybe I should wait a few days,

a few months, or a year.


Days I could do it?

My birthday perhaps?

The day I was born,

and the day that I pass.


Maybe New Year's Eve,

and New Year's Day.

When the year changes,

I go away.


Perhaps Easter,

with Good Friday skies.

Except unlike Jesus,

I do not rise.


It could be any day,

any time, any place.

Could be any moment,

when I put my life to waste.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Last one for today, starting to near the end of my old material. I'll have to start thinking some more things up. As always, leave any kind of criticism, it is welcomed and appreciated.

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The Invisibles

I am the one you see in the hallway and bump into.

I am the one who sits alone at lunch.

I am the one with the voice no one expected.

I am the one with all the answers.

I am the one who knows nothing at all.

I am the one you stare at in the hall.

I am the one who wears what you wouldn't.

I am the one you wouldn't dare talk to.

I am the one you wouldn't even glance twice at.

I am you're best friend.

I am you're worst enemy.

I am the one good at computers.

I am the one telling you not to fear the unknown.


I am the one who is unknown to you...

And if you are to afraid to reach out....

just like that *snaps* 

I am the one who is gone for good.

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You Never Loved Me

Ours was never special
All are illusions in my head
You treat me so casual
Heart has been misled

You hold my hand like any other
No different from the rest
Kissed me like you have kissed so many
Embraced without caress

I considered you my true love
While you thought of me as just an option
You were my heaven sent from above
Whereas you regard me as very common

I guess I assumed too much
A weak minded fool
And so continue living, as such
Life can be so cruel

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She has never really loved me the way I love her :(

Lonely Pest


Sitting here waiting for.....
Apparently nothing seeable
Socially getting sore...
And disagreeable

Everything happens inside my head
But when it plays out
I should have stayed in bed
Before losing this bout

Sitting here waiting for....
Someone to care for me
I'm hurting to the core...
Because of omissioncy

I'm hurting inside and out
But nobody seems to notice
Trapped inside my own doubt
I feel the unwanted locust

I'm a pest for society
To reek havoc only by existence
My memorability
Is my worst consequence

I speak and say help me!
But they just hear Hi.
Why don't you see me?
I just get goodbye.

Did i not cry out to you?
No. Not with words.
My emotions did not get through?
No. That's absurd.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have had to move school again. This will be my senior year. It will be the largest and most daunting school experience ever. But I'm the only one that seems to see myself whe I really am, even though i'm sending it out emotionally. My "friends" in my neighborhood treat me like an outsider because i've been either homeschooled or in a charter school all my life. I'm in pain. And nobody can see it but those that don't care.