Verse 1:
If you tell me that

You don't care about us

About today, tomorrow, and the future

Then I won't care about us either.


All the lies you've fed me

Made me cold and indifferent.

With a blacken heart,

I move on without you.


Verse 2:
I betray myself

To fulfill your expectations.

Quietly, lightly, I won't care about afterwards

As long as you are happy.


Rain falls down the rooftops

Falling down the window panes

Of my dreams.

I let you go.


I've come to realize

That life is much better off

Once you are gone.

Farewell, my lover. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song I just wrote today about a narcissistic partner/lover who ended up breaking you but setting you up to find someone better than them in the long run that is worthy/deserving of the love you have to offer him/her. It goes both ways.

"Just Another Day"

Just a thought!

Hmmm...Monday morning, you're still here, with no

Earth shattering accomplishment to bestow upon us...

We know this simply because the tragedy of your

passing hasn't hit front page news yet... No news

in the browser... No new statue erected in your honor...

No new Holiday has been declared, and we don't see any

new face on the coin in our pockets, so...just

another day in paradise for you.   Never fear...

"There's always hope for a brighter tomorrow!"


                    Signed, "The Cynical Poet"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Just another Day"

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