Folly of our past

Our lives are seen as tragedies in the present which are viewed as comedies from the outside looking in and as satires by those beyond our time

Realization of the bigger aspects of life is usually a hard thing to comprehend

The realization that individually our lives are an arbitrary existence

A tiny little insignificant speck in an ever evolving planet within an infinite universe

What often matters is what we do with this knowledge

Choose to accept it and leave marks for a generation to be in awe of or reject it due to some misplaced sense of superiority and piety.

A coping mechanism for those who accept it is to believe in something bigger than themselves and what is greater than a man than death.

Life after death

Rebirth after the mortal coil shuffles from the earth 

Despite the little iota of realization of our insignificance, a choice to believe one thing is apparent, that our frustration is a thing we can channel, and put it into something we can quantify and qualify: ourselves

We develop niches and avenues of self-hatred based on differing ideas that are quite similar in the long term

We fight, rape, pillage and kill over race, religion, resources and imaginary revenue

We seem to be proving that we are doomed to repeat our past failures

We make the same mistakes not become we are ignorant of the past but rather due to pride

The stain of pride and elevated egotism controls and convinces us that we have we have progressed so much that the transgressions of our forefathers are very well beneath us

we decide that they had no control over their destiny and were just tools for us to commend ourselves on how far we've gotten

The sardonicism of the situation is that we commit the same errors for future generations to look upon mockingly.

They will institutionalize our errors as we do with our forefathers and vow not to repeat our mistakes unaware of the fact that they are nesting in the gaping maw of pride

It is beautiful, isn't it? How everything changes but not us.

How the world continues to turn but we are stuck at the crossroad between mistakes past and atrocities future

Don't you see them pointing? Can you not hear them laughing? Do you honestly not see their tears?

Al these emotions from those not yet born.

Can you not feel the studios glazed over eyes of a people doomed by our avoidable errors

The future seeks to emulate the past that should have never been discovered

Author's Notes/Comments: 

worked on this for awhile. Comments and criticisms are welcome as always

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"So hot headed,

but heavy is the hand

that is kept from raising.



being how soft

the surface below 

it would fall upon,

it is al and well


no hand was raised,


but there is no praise 

for such common sense.


Uncommon men

and situations

make for comics 

and comical accusations,


life's a joke

so sometimes I laugh at it,

but this time around

I keep frowning.


So here it is,

laid on the table

the meal made,

with much forethought.


And in the end,

all it causes is heat,

feet stomping,

no use for a cooler,


all around fire is sprayed

and it keeps trying

to catch, 

skin not lit.


Whatever the reason,

be it power or to tower above,

stepping in increases rage,

decreases range.


Within striking distance,

add more fuel to the fire

burning deep inside,

taught to never lay a finger


on the fairer sex,

but the moment tests all control,

reveal, resist,

total consequence in the rearview.


SLew of words,

which hold meaning

spoken out of love or anger,

babble dipping into ears


is all tuned out;

been inside my head for hours


So you go,


but not before raising your own hand,

no pain felt with the blow,

no weight to it.

But damned if the point isn't realized,


asked to leave 

only to come once I'm gone,

leaving my abode vandalized.

How dissapointing.


An anger so roasting

kept cool with a conversation

with a friend, 

longboarder, car hoarder,


keeps one in check

before diving into a bitter 


The bitter look


thrown with an intense glare

with one more pass,

feeling sick to the stomach,

but if one wants,


just ask.

I can be more specific.

Penurious of kindness,

parsimonious of respect."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Parsimonious, not to insult anyone's intelligence, is to be stingy; to be witholding (usually of money). Something that you have, but decide not to give, or spend, or show. Being parsimonious is a common reaction to many a great painful events in our lives. But maybe it shouldn't be. For once.

Staying with the Truth

He who stays with the truth,

Even if utterly insulted by the bad,

I cannot but salute him from the heart,

The universe is with him being glad!


Alas! Such souls are outcasts,

In this modern age,

A matter of shame it is,

I feel thundering rage!


When will the time draw closer,


For the truthful to shine as the shiny star?

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With words I try to find the best approach

To quell my love from wav'ring, wond'ring thoughts

But as she hold to them as if their coach

I find loves messenger remains unwrought.

O if my words could cut them like a sword

Then thine own pesky thoughts may then cut free.

To draw the balence of my loves afford

Becomes a bitter risk, I fear, to me.

Will not then truth proceed her way to light?

In newest phrase shall then my heart come through

And prove my souls perpetual delight

That you may have such knowledge ever true.

  In all there is just one thing to be told.

  Your hearts the only one I wish to hold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first attempt at writing a sonnet, or any poety for that matter. I figured it would be a great way to learn to more fully appreciate the great poets! I would love any analysis, criticism or feedback. 

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The Mirror



The mirror,

That object with which we our walls adorn,

It hang s in every room and comes in many a shape and form.

The deceiver of youth and to the old a harsh truth

The revealer of age lines and grey hairs

Look closer my dear there’s the proof

I turn to you from a different angle to see if you’ve anything to say

But nothing contrary to the image from that previous day

Smooth, silver and exact no truth you disguise

But show only the facts and tell me no lies

But sometimes even the truth is hard to take in

So I run out the room vowing never to gaze upon you again

But in the end vanity always wins

And here I am once more standing

Before my honest and reflective friend

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Long Way To Go.

The connection was rough,

Big thoughts every night,

Tear drops every fight.

Is he worth it? Will it work out?

A lot of things running in her mind.

Second thoughts were being considered.


A year has passed and they’re still strong;

Thousand miles connection, is it successful?

One day they will hold each other,

Never wanting to let go.

No one knows what the future holds,

Live for the moment is what he said.

Trust and faith from one another

Can be a big improvement for their future’s sake.



Sitting Hearts

My Everything

We sat like strangers

The largest valley

Between two mountains

A slow deep breath

A back yard alley

A passage of soft hearts


Like a flower, bloom

A twisting refining notion

That the foliage within

Never dwindles among men


So with the silence; bound

There are countless

Verses unspoken

A slow deep look

A burning mess

A road of genuine hearts


Like a flower, bloom

A twisting refining notion

That the foliage within

Never dwindles among men


We sat like strangers

The largest illusion

Among the world

A soundless adoration

A grand prelusion

A path of rebel hearts


Like a flower, bloom

A twisting refining notion

That the foliage within

Never dwindles among men







These people wearing faces

Leaving traces, of no truth

Of all the lies that slide

Down their tongues; no couth


My ears ring in a rage

This war waging, inside

Stop your selfish craves

So we can coincide


Your sordid aura haunts

Straining to flaunt, with my light

No waves of illusion immerse

My bold, green armored knight.











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Truth of me

I'm not in control, I'm not your only heart beat. I'm scared of what the future may hold. Will I be there when you have the other in your arms, or will I fade away in to the shadows. I love with all my heart, I fear with all my soul. When will I have control over my fears and my tears.


It scares me to think of a life without you, a life of no sun and a red moon. With you gone there would be no rhime, no reason, no time of season's. Just darkness over my mind and pleags of death on my soul. I will never lose you, that's what you say, well tell the voice that you will stay. They will not lessen, they will not stop, there's nothing I can do but bottle up. You want me open, it causing more harm then good, just let me die slowly, I really wish you would.


I know you won't my gallant knight, I know you'll fight for me so deep in my night. But this demons have no shape no form, they with cut you open with out a knife and leave you in a storm. I don't know how to fix what the voices and I have broken, the trust gone it was stolen and undone. I want to turn back time to when we first meet, so you can feel the passion you once felt. Wish I was enuff to make the passion new, wish I was stronger then I am. A life time of pain and broken hearts is what I carry, the scares are to deep for the words "I won't" to carry. 


They are why people leave me, they are why I was alone, they are why I bottle, they hurt the ones I love though me.

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