Folly of our past

Our lives are seen as tragedies in the present which are viewed as comedies from the outside looking in and as satires by those beyond our time

Realization of the bigger aspects of life is usually a hard thing to comprehend

The realization that individually our lives are an arbitrary existence

A tiny little insignificant speck in an ever evolving planet within an infinite universe

What often matters is what we do with this knowledge

Choose to accept it and leave marks for a generation to be in awe of or reject it due to some misplaced sense of superiority and piety.

A coping mechanism for those who accept it is to believe in something bigger than themselves and what is greater than a man than death.

Life after death

Rebirth after the mortal coil shuffles from the earth 

Despite the little iota of realization of our insignificance, a choice to believe one thing is apparent, that our frustration is a thing we can channel, and put it into something we can quantify and qualify: ourselves

We develop niches and avenues of self-hatred based on differing ideas that are quite similar in the long term

We fight, rape, pillage and kill over race, religion, resources and imaginary revenue

We seem to be proving that we are doomed to repeat our past failures

We make the same mistakes not become we are ignorant of the past but rather due to pride

The stain of pride and elevated egotism controls and convinces us that we have we have progressed so much that the transgressions of our forefathers are very well beneath us

we decide that they had no control over their destiny and were just tools for us to commend ourselves on how far we've gotten

The sardonicism of the situation is that we commit the same errors for future generations to look upon mockingly.

They will institutionalize our errors as we do with our forefathers and vow not to repeat our mistakes unaware of the fact that they are nesting in the gaping maw of pride

It is beautiful, isn't it? How everything changes but not us.

How the world continues to turn but we are stuck at the crossroad between mistakes past and atrocities future

Don't you see them pointing? Can you not hear them laughing? Do you honestly not see their tears?

Al these emotions from those not yet born.

Can you not feel the studios glazed over eyes of a people doomed by our avoidable errors

The future seeks to emulate the past that should have never been discovered

Author's Notes/Comments: 

worked on this for awhile. Comments and criticisms are welcome as always

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I like this, too much of

I like this, too much of human activity is treadmill running. I have been told many times that 'those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it' Horse-shit!, We only learn ways to better bilk, I am self-aware of my own part in this, thus sometimes my self-hatred.

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Too true. While past

Too true. While past practices can lead to future innovations, most people rather choose to. repeat the same mistakes under newer excuses. Given a future that loops around the worst parts of human nature versus a future where we can forge ahead on our own two feet not bogged down from previous transgressions. The best option is clear.