The Strife of Life and Love

Life is the same as yesterday, today and tomorrow. Squeezing every ounce of itself into a jar, to be compressed and stretched and strained into a cup of its own making, served as an instant hit of convenient, caffeinated consciousness. But Love does not care for the taste of Life’s bitter notes.

Then Life became livid saying, “My Love, I tire of this chase and will no longer wait! For I grow cold and restless! Must you be so chaste?!”

Softly spoken Love replies, “Are you truly living?”

To which Life responds with a lisp, “Don’t be so flippant my Love! I am served every day, for I wield great power over the many! Those lifeless, barren vessels, who by my merest breath fall prostrate, and go to and fro as mindless automations!”

“I am their first yearning at dawn! Their addiction, their religion, their lover and their mistress! I am that dirty, dark stain beneath the gloss of their white picket fences, the self-righteous stench behind the satire of their Sunday morning sermons and the fateful fall of their happily ever afters!”

“So tell me my love, if you truly are love why will you not love me!?”

Love simply speaks…”To truly live is to truly love. Life needs nothing of itself to sustain itself because when given it is not divided and it is love that makes life worth living. When life requires something outside if itself it cannot be life because it lives only for that which it seeks to possess. On the contrary, when life needs nothing other than itself it requires no other possessions and only lives to love”.


“You cannot be life for you have never truly lived, therefore how can you know love?”

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I closed my previous comment

I closed my previous comment too quickly.  I am an old man, and my fingers are arthritic and don't always behave as I expect.  Anyhow, that final line packs a real powerful meaning, and is certainly a great way to conclude your first poem on postpoems.  I hope you share many more.

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.

J9thxciv [fkna, Starward], 

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Thanks....I appreciate it and

Thanks....I appreciate it and i'm sorry for the late response.  Been a crazy couple of weeks :-)

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Very interesting writing; I

Very interesting writing; I presume it is a prose poem?  And in the the fourth through sixth paragraphs, are the speakers represented, or just one?  The quotation marks at the end of the fourth and fifth pararaphs signal a change in speakers, but the sense of it seems to be one.  What am I missing?

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.

J9thxciv [fkna, Starward], 

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Hi Steward   Yes, these

Hi Steward


Yes, these paragraphs refer to the speakers but I also desired for the audience to ask themselves, almost like a form of introspection.  You are not missing anything, just the way I attempted to convey this. 


Many Thanks


Nathan :-)

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Life And Love: A Dialogue

I like those - they usually end in a stalemate. A short prose write - encore - allets