Subliminal Message

Poems are the path to inner peace.

Are the mind and soul aligned?
The test to re-write  my own
path through past in future.
To tempt ones own fate with 
inner radiance beaconing 
peace and light.
Walk with me hand in hand
down through all 
my fears and dreams by 
path made way by time.
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Writing opens doors unseen,

Analogies hidden, what do they mean?

Stoked with gentleness sublime,

Release so many jewels of time,

Underneath unspoken words,

So many things go left unheard,

Life a mystery, within is a poet,

Dare to write so you can know it!!


Inspired by Poetic_Eyes





© 2013




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Just For Fun

Out in the open

But nobody sees

Invisible in the forest

Among the trees

Invisibly watching

And yet unseen

People walk by

And never even know

That they passed by

Another bloke

Watching, waiting

Anticipating the prey

And when it comes

It won’t notice me

All because

Of camoflauge

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Do you believe,
Or do you not believe?

Do you see,
Or do you not see?

Can you hear
Or can you not hear?

Have you seen,
Or have you not seen?

Is this a dream,
Or is this not a dream?

Is this real,
Or should I wake up from reality?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Whether a person believes in the supernatural.

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