A walk through the thorns

A walk through the thorns being beaten and scorned thinking back on it now, Wow! how I am floored.  In plain sight she hides her full intentions, for when we are alone she puts me on suspension. This black heart she wears all through my life, causing friction and division, one full of strife. Now she makes a friend one just as evil, together they could take anyone back to a time, that would be called medieval. I do not remember my life before I was nine, just flashes of time none that are happy or mine. I still manage to push through it, no matter hard time’s get, when the memories come I just try to forget.  

Written by,  Rob Casteel

Curses Too Kritic/ Invocations From The Soul- Part Two

Psalms sung with faith;
curses from the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Ghost;
rejoicing under the influence...

Nestled, numbed atop
heavenly clouds; two crazy
diamonds in the sky without
shine; rough edges can be
smooth again if both believe
they will shine again as one...


Clarifying the darkness both
entertain in the name of the
wicked that pace back and
forth outside the window of
time and space created by a
simple wish...


Invocations to God's shadow;
puppets to an addiction,
masters of enjoyed silence
listening to the symphony of


I the Lizard Prince and my
Black Sheep traveling in the
dark under the sunlight too
steal our dreams back from
the sandman we both entered
in the years of our youth and
ignorant ways...


No King too hail; howling
under the moonlight, a lustful
night with love making in
between the stars, invoking
peace and harmony, with
conversations from the heart
bringing positive vibes and


Alas, together we stand on
this mountain top, with hills
and more mountains too the
horizon; life does not come
without challenges, and
challenges do not arise
without taking the risk to fall
in love again...



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Curses and Invocations....

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Anaconda Snake

What is so amazing of the Anaconda?
It’s huge and branded as a jumbo danger killer,
The Anaconda stands out as a strong water pillar…

An Anaconda holds his power to spread fear,
An Anaconda is a nuisance, brings out a continuous tear…

Causing trouble and bringing terror around,
Is like its duty, for getting the London pound!

There is an anaconda in each of us,
We become jealous, wicked with an infectious puss!

Sometimes we want to do bad and only bad,
Its human nature that’s very sad!

“We need to rise above our low tendencies”,
As soon as we can,
This powerful slogan has million years ran…..

Life is all about being soft, loving and winning hearts!!
A well lived soul, has billion tears when he departs!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let's learn to rise above the snake filled nature, in each of us!! Lower tendencies should streek to higher goals!!

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Outside Looking In

I love you still,
against my true will.

Please do not be so unkind,
to place around my mouth a bind.

What makes you the majority rules?
That is made for the class A fools.

My soul is not beneath the ground,
Our consciousness was bred by the same round.

Marriage was meant for caring, lovers,
Not to be left and tossed aside, asunder, under your wicked covers.

Someone thinks it is okay to hang up the phone on others,
In their mind places them up higher, oh brother!

No! It means birthright dictates a cruelty streak,
Forgive the insincere, but sometimes, yes, my friend, you reek.

Let us run between the dry, withering trees, calling out thy name,
Marshland of communication, designed by our Lord is not a game.

Do not walk all over me anymore, tired of the sulky shore,
believe it or not, I shall not eat for hunger anymore.

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