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Angelic Dreams To Mount One's Concern

Angelic Dreams To Mount One's Concern


people who need people

lucky people in the hood

farmer touch of the wheel in its mist

baseball camp

cheer leader sparked

hustle in the go between

fox to a rich delight out of hero spite

below the fox returns


inside orgasmic stand

below the roof gone stand

N.Y.C...the mere notion to escape the horror

down the water slide to alert what is burdened

walk to walk...


Captivated with a tear drum smile,

love that lingers on

follow up in song

the crest relieves a hard penis bleeds

Doth covered trails collide it full;


Although late at night

walk through the touch of the village chord queer

the angel comes in night through the dream;

wipe away a pillow smile still to know all the great while

angelic lead watch the mortgage bleed....

Castle In the Sky

Castle In The Sky


reason below a pardon

a quaint evolving gender

eclipse abroad a reason

catch a falling tear

gender is upon us

cheer up my brother

pills upon the table

threat beyond belief

love beyond belief

a ladder on the leaf

closer to the heart

carry yourself well


Love In Sure (AL ROKER )


The road I chose to take today,
Had many twists, and turns;
It really tore me up in-side,
You'd think that I would learn?

I had a flat, so took jack,
To pump myself up high;
When this little girl smiled at me,
From a car that passed me by...

She reminded me of when I was young,
I loved to sing-and play;
But as I grew...that girl I knew,
Just seemed to slip away?

When I wake-up tomorrow,
To start another day;
I think I'll choose another road,
When I go on my way.

There are many roads with choices,
This I truly know;
I think back from where I came from,
Then where I want to go!

Wayward Son...
try to drop the soap where you can cope
shadows in the wind try in to pretend;
safe with sugar tin

Beneath The Borrowed Payment Skin

Beneath The Borrowed Payment Skin

where I need to begin again
once for comfort thrilled to a Yankee Fin
pills of comfort in ways that expand
cheer your brother jump in the oven vent
love lost to linger
bask inside a Christmas shell
parade a warm hotel
howard Johnson steady grill
we love each other,
full face to begin all over again
a champion

pursed throuh a steady window
Doctor led to order
shampoo the leaf together

Search From Within

Search From Within

latest grin..the latest wind...shadows block the reason,
paralyzed to approach the ride come to glide you search...
miracle mile in the back of the wild shortness of breath
Coat the village king let freedom sing in between
love is the search the beggar approaches swing hopeful ride
love is the essence of my inner existence;
family and friends
hope to never end
feeling do end


Have we really felt each other?
The memories of mixed salt and our once glued skin
Now passover my eyelids like any grain of sand.
I could bear this breeze if it didn't make me wonder,
But it does. 


  Flying around makes you wonder does he love me like i love him does he know he is my world? No, 

Because he is too busy

Loving that Wendy

Its just this jealousy 

That makes it an urgency 

Thy betray the one i love?

Peter cant hear because of my 


You come to me when need of something?

But why dont you go to wendy?

No wonder he does not think of 

Me because he does not know 

That i love him 

You are my wonderland

In this neverland 

With you with me i am glad

But you with her makes me 


But peter i saved you 

A lot of times 

But why do you still save Wendy all the time?

Isn't that rude for breaking

My heart? 

All the time ive been

Spending it with you

You couldn't even say i love you

Saving you from captain hook

I think captain knows that i love you

I am tinker bell and tinker is always here for peter but peter is not there for tinker but peter sadly chose wendy over her


Author's Notes/Comments: 

@kim rojas

"dont ever be afraid to admit someone that you love them

tell em before its too late"


Band Lyrics

Verse 1:
Forget everything, I hope we can.

Falling like a shooting star.

Where do we go when the light’s not changing?

Tell me if I can feel with my old heart again.

In my changed heart, I still carry the old feelings of our love.

In your mind, we’ve already just ended.

To our friends: we were perfect for each other.

On my face, you can see it clearly

That I want to use up everything I have

To repair our broken past.

Tell me, if you feel the same as me.

Our ships are anchored to each other.

Somewhere, somehow, I’ll find my way back to us.


Verse 2:

We have chemistry and history but

Tell me: what do you really feel about us?

Tell me if we’re better off as friends

Or just forbidden lovers in this world.

Tell me everything you are.

Tell me all the stories you have for now.

I can just tell that you’ve struggled in this cold world.


Can someone show me how to run away?

You have all of me yet

I’m left with nothing of you.

If there is any way:

Know that I’ll always love you.

Know that I’ll always be there for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a love that you cannot just forget....