The Year of Sincerity

Do we shatter every threshold at the age of twenty-four?
This year of even numbers amidst our growing nests,
beguiling us, enlightened souls, parts of sorted industry.

Their faces seem to glow with knowing and tantalizing thoughts,
ripe with trite, forbidden vows and lessons dealt by living.
As if adults to my dear child, those above who lay command
upon my infant ears and to my misted, doe-y eyes;
they speak and say "wait just a while -
the best has yet to come."

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Dance & Dreams

I trust in myself
my future
my spirit
my world

not because I believe myself
so brilliant or original
(well, maybe just a little bit)

But because I've found
that having trust
creates an optimism
A lightness, an energy
which without
I cannot press gracefully forward.

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Treaty Beach

There was a passing thought -
once a bright idea,
that lead to passing ruin,
akin to falling stars.
What had been real was processed
from flesh to muddied tin.
The stale of air in atmosphere
gave rise to their alarm.
He trails aloft in consciousness
and recites his efforts past.
Amidst the shallow, local river
he hears a sense be made.
Grasping for one solid, stable
base on which to cling for life,
he subjects himself to the waving,
lucid trembling force of the word.
He finds his landing beside a lake,
among those he knows best.

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Don't Allow the Cloud

Don't allow the cloud to dwell
above the heads and necks to swell;
as if he's passing right on by,
but you know he'll stand on idle time.
And rain will pour and drench your desk,
with sullen looks from ease to wretch
who wonder why on your big day
you choose to mope in such a way.
So she's lost, and so she's gone;
your health is good and life is long.
The worst is yet, or yet it's past,
regardless you've got time to last,
to celebrate and drink and dance
and fall to floors by glances cast.
Don't allow the cloud to peak
and tantalize you with the bleak,
for you are learning how to shine
and the light will be constant in due time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my birthday, I'd like to become good enough.

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new year

look into my eyes


can u see the bygone past


deep in my iris


can u feel things that hurts


leaving apart


the loses of the year


Looking forward


For the times ahead of us




Its time that we celebrate


Prepare ourselves to start


Cause coming in it’s way


Is the first day of the year




Failing in our errands


When we felt so lonely


Deep in sorrow & pain


Losing our hopes slowly


Sometimes crying out in pain


Sometimes we laugh


Realizing that falling


Is a part of picking urself up




Its time that we celebrate


Prepare ourselves to start


Cause coming in it’s way


Is the first day of the year




Coming out of deep darkness


Enlightened by new light


Awakening and reviving


All will be right


Look about urself aroud u


This world is pleased and smiling


In it’s new vigour and color


End of one year is just the beginning




Its time that we celebrate


Prepare ourselves to start


Cause coming in it’s way


Is the first day of the year

Author's Notes/Comments: 

please tell me how was my poem.i am new in this site.

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