Persisent Skies



With every drip and every drop

The sky cries down in seclusion

Searching for eyes to notice

Blue skies, the ultimate illusion


She screams to the silence

A thunderous noise that carries

Her wounded longing call,

Thirsty eyes, she’d marry


Her rolling clouds distract

From the storm brewing inside

Trying to disguise her feelings

But no longer can they hide


The winds gain spiteful speed

Her furious winds circle round

Lifting heads and hearts

Wreaking havoc on the ground


All her stars she wished upon

Faded into crumbling ashes

A dying desire for affection

That only ended in her lashes


As the gloomy madness concludes

Her vibrate blues come to play

Covering up her sadness

To unleash on another day





Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dying star hoping to get a glimpse of the sun.

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Looking Up



And I push the boundless limits

To reach the unreachable, within

Leaping amid countless thoughts

With time that forever bends.

The outline of voices fall deeply,

On wishing ears so eager.

No longer a sound quite perfect.

Tainted retentions, left meager.

Out of tune with the non-existing.

Out of range with the remaining.

The stars; directing my following feet

Endlessly looking up, but straining.

I swallow my deepest terrors

And let the light shelter skin.

Once more, voices like puzzles,

Will be whole again.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Theres not a day I don't think of the people that are missing in my life. One day Dad, I'll see you again. You've got me always looking up.