Touch Of Happyness


yesterday I had a dream,

Dream, all over me today

It was fresh and serene,

like the silent morning stream

like the first golden ray

lighting world to life from gray 


I could see an old man

looking high at sky

feeling the cold breeze

and reliefing his pain

I could see new hopes 

in his darkening sparking eyes

forgetting and forgiving the world

I could see him rise


I could hear the clouds say

"this is an old thirsty man

asking for happiness which got away"

As the first drop of water,

touches his forehead,

bringing back the joy which got swayed.

With his arms wide,

He welcomed the rain

I could a see a boy 

emerging from an old man.


I could see that old man nowhere

but a boy flying in the air

I could see him talking

and singing with birds

such a beautiful sight, and no words.


Alas, all the happiness and

all the joy seems to go.

I could see the birds going home,

winds start becoming storm, more colder,

to my surprise,

the boy's again getting older.

No more sparkle no more hopes

He started walking down the road,

leaving behind his chidhood days 

with his loneliness speaking again aloud

and with darkening eyes, increasing weigh

I could see him getting lost in the crowd.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please do tell how it is !!

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Serenity Smiles by dfx

 There is no greater gift a man can recieve then that of a smile from the one that he adores

When she holds him and looks deep into his eyes, giving him that sweet smile that she reserves just for him, she can lift him to immense hieghts

And at that moment, nothing else matters and time stands still

Without a word he knows she loves him

In the tenderness of the night
A man feels complete lying beside the one with that loving smile

Both wanting to be so close that they touch the entire length of their bodies

His face nestled in her hair with an arm wrapping her dearly

His chest pressed against her back so their hearts may beat as one

Her bottom and his pelvis slow dance to a romantic rythem of passion and desire

Legs intertwined so even their feet and toes can caress the others

They are spooning

In the serenity of the moment just before sleep

When nothing else matters and time stands still, he is smiling

Without a word

she knows he loves her

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Ocean Shower


Drown my body in your blessed ocean
Cleanse my aura to become enlightened
In the deep end, I drown, I swallow
Healing goodness, comfort pillow

Laying beneath the bottom
At ease wrapped in your arms
Embracing clarity in your shower
In your armor I will feel cleansed

Rid of unwanted filth
The dirt fo selfish greed
Individuality dreaded upon negative grit
Peeled off my skin
Felt reincarnated in an invisible form

Blocked inside a protection box
A vivid glimpse into the future
Frozen in my excitement
Brought arousal in my bones
And embracing sensation of power
Within my joints and veins
Crumbling in advancemet

I sigh in satisfaction
In my ocean shower

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Personal Cleanse.

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Is An Angel Calling

Just a thought!

I lay here in this broken body
trapped beyond my years
I can't escape the thought of
better days behind my tears
Did I hear the words beneath her breath
Have I captured her intent
Was it someone else she spoke upon
Or me this message sent…
Is a blessed Angel calling me
Am I the chosen one
As the banks of light burst thru the clouds
Are my Earthly works now done…
Will my life be measured in kinder deeds
Or countless failures I bear
Have I treated kindly, those in need
Were my thoughts enough to share…
I humbly now, await your grasp
Like a rock in an endless stream
Is my time at hand, have you called me up…
Or was it just a dream

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"We never know when an Angel will call!"

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