My World. (Cynical vs. Hopeful)

I live in a world where you may die if you don't run.

Where even when alone you must trust no one.

In my world each day may hold your doom,

Where life is always terrifying without protection from the womb.


I live in a world of beauty that shines like the sun,

Where troubles cannot touch a life until it is done.

In my world love flourishes like a flower in bloom,

Where ideas settle on the tip of your tongue, an.d where greatness looms


I live in a world covered in blood and despair,

Children murdering mothers, and vice versa, without a care.

In my world gunshots are the fireworks of everyday,

Where we fear the unknown, and yet we cannot seem to stay away.


I live in a world where babies laughter spreads everywhere,

Where peace is the only solution with so much love in the air.

In my world we believe no one tells lies and believe what they say,

Where our world is one of colors not Fifty Shades of Gray.


I live in a world where homes are engulfed by flame,

Where a child may die before it can say its own name.

In my world people tell lies and shout out blasphemy,

Where more pain and hunger claim the earth than the eye can see.


I live in a world where hope is there and everyone is the same,

Where people have nothing but fun and life is like a game.

In my world the bird hums the chorus, and the wind picks up the melody,

Where nothing bad can hurt me except the stinging of a Honey Bee.




















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