A Soul-Resurrected

Soul Poetry


I thought it now barren,

just empty of all emotion-

save for the despair

that so filled the hollow voids

and overtook any and all joy.


Now made to close itself off,

from the hurtful, hurled words,

-a verbal bashing of a heart,

long-numbed from maiming

and cold to missing affections.


No longer an open novel,

shared with others, unashamed,

now bound up tightly

with its very own bindings,

in attempt to protect and shield.


I had to...to simply survive.

It became necessary

to shutter my eyes closed,

lest someone penetrate

my occular windows...and learn.


Learn of the misery, the fear,

the utter anguish and torment,

that for so long, far TOO long,

was concealed and masked,

in fear of anyone, knowing my truth.


Because who would believe

after so many years of concealing,

that such was my my existance

for almost...all along

so much that I wished to die.


Then in a sudden moment of Grace,

as I sat, tears streaming,

hands upturned, in sobbing prayer,

lost and broken, I petioned Him,

And God heard...and answered.


He gave me my answer-

along with the courage, the strength

and determination to break the ties,

that for too long, held me bound-

an inmate to another's sentencing.


No longer afraid, I rose up,

standing as tall as my convictions

and in a mere conversation,

took back and took charge

of what was mine-my very life-my soul.


In what can only be God's planning,

His desire for His daughter's  happiness,

He gave hope and love, back to me,

In a most unexpected source-

Where a past, became the present.


No longer devoid of any emotion,

No longer tied to what was,

Now moving forward to who is,

I am now, a soul-resurrected,

And life, became again, so worth living.



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