searching for love

My love

My love

My love

I keep searching 

But I cannot find you

Like a blind man searching for light

But I know I can never see it

Like a tornado rotating above

But it can never last long

My love

Are we like fire and water

Complete opposites

But our attraction is magnetic

If so why are you so distant

Don't you want to know me

My love

I think of you but it fades

I dream of you but it ends

I see you but I cannot touch you

I love you but I dont even know you



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about finding your soultimate.

It's about loving someone you haven' t even met.

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"On the Wings of Love"

Just a thought!

You are the wind within me, the very air I breathe,

filling up my lungs, just to take my breath away

You compromise my soul in attempts to make me whole,

my heart no longer mine to have a say

You breech the very walls, erected in my mind,

their integrity has fallen to your charms

No longer do I feel the need to stave off close encounter,

the embrace of love, melts me in your arms

Take me now and spread my wings, to blossom in the wind,

so all may see the beauty I have longed to realize

Hold me close and dance with me, and see new life begin,

This love now holds the future in our eyes.'



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"On the Wings of Love"                           ...A new beginning'...