something first, must die.

On Life and Living


I dared to finally confront,

to take that walk of dissolution


from all I ever knew

including the pain,

the desecration,

the hurt, the sadness,

the empty lonliness.


In letting go,

I, in essence, actually,

held on even tighter...

tighter to me,

to my sanity, my heart,


in a sure and certain life-grip

that whitened my knuckles.


The emotional and verbal

pummeling of my soul,

was tantamount

to a literal bashing

that left scars only I

could internally see,

and still always felt,

their constant bruising.

I was left feeling a worthlessness,

a total self-loathing

and such utter desire

to cease the pain by ceasing to be,

that my only other choice

finally was strengthened 

by my newfound will-

newfound desire,

to survive.


For sometimes to heal,

to live once more

and breathe on

a fresh air of dignity,

to begin anew,

to give life and self

to loving once again...

something first, must die.







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Sacrifices to make anew, the road back to the true self is difficult and many miles long.

I was told you walk into the forest ten miles, and well, you have to walk the same ten out.

There are times I had to crawl back from my downfall.  The last two years I have been building.

Reconnecting to the roots of who I am, in the end the love for someone that didn't love has faded.

Sadness, hurt and pain-  I found a stack of poems during those years and considered burning them.

Great write and thank you for sharing.


I am an artist of words as well as paints.