To Become

Society's filled so dark
A sickness fit to last
A hasty hungry shark
A one that bites the glass

The air turns a poison mist
and the grass turns to a distant waste
A glare becomes a fist
and then a flower becomes erased

Oceanic Life

Unique Poems

Yea everyday I'm on my new beginning // racing in this ocean of life but never finning // Just call me dat lone shark knight dats always grinning // & don't follow my past path cuz it be ginning // you'll become one of my fans that'll stay spinning // & I only be racing myself so I stay winning // yea I'm on my cash cab driving from my fast past // thinking it could bypass but my future is my steadfast // so I can only surpass feeling so enthusiast // u becoming so close I swear u can kiss my ass but as i begin to leave ur sight I leave u all flabbergast // & yea u can be my hater bee knowing u ain't flee as me // but u might get a waiting fee // jus saying it ain't guaranteed // I cud be dat argon & baby u could be my mulan // I just need my paragon to help me run this marathon // yea I kno da odds are on but lets become that phenomenon // that one unique liaison // dat nobody will ever break upon // & even tho I can't see da finish line I know that you'll be mine // so all ima do is enjoy dis shine // and reminisce on all da false guidelines // who try to get me going straight on my lifeline // but life got my back so I'm on her spine knowing that I'll always be on her mind // cuz even tho she be throwing tidal waves // it never knocks me off my successful way ~


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