The Animal Called Man

The animal called man, reasons, aspires, climbs great heights,
He conjures up storms in his mind, his passions, his righteousness,
Makes blazing fires that steal the night, turns days into weeks,
Wraps them up tight, inventions sometimes bewitching his sight,
His creations can mold him, grow old with him, or control him,
And time, that exists not, his domination of all he's got,
Moments of pleasure wane with his age, as he forgets
The importance of what is still, and has always been within,
And what once was a dream of melodious, resounding rapture
Grows stagnant in the well of his heart's desire,
A hodgepodge of clutter,
As the beauty of his spirit turns from golden sparkle
To greyish hues that brandish him an outer view that begs him,
Enticing him to change what has rendered his world askew.
He arrives in a place of understanding,
And in the final hours the light shines through,
Too late, as he bids it all adeiu, his final words,
"I wish I knew".



10:30 AM 4/17/2013 ©

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Humanity and industry.

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Mcfuck This World

Mcfuck your apple iphones
And your googles,
Your walmart souls
And your wet mcdreams
Mcfuck your corporate nikes
And adidas,
Your abercrummy fitch
Designer jeans.


Mcfuck your freedom,
Your mcfucking flags
And slogans,
Where coke and pepsi
Is the same mcshit--
Mcfuck your new fag fashions
And mcpassions,
Your nigga styles,
Your trojan cocks and tits.

Mcfuck the Citibank,
GE and Boeing,
Mcfuck Bill Gates, Steve Jobs
And Fannie Mae,
Mcfuck the CEOs and the president--
Mcfuck McDonald’s
And mcfuck BK.

Mcfuck this world of greed
And corporations,
Where everything is patented
And sold,
Mcfuck the voters
And the mindless information
That daily makes mczombies
Of us all.

                March 26, 2013


Fuck Criminals of Wall Street

"The rich will do anything for the poor but get off their backs."
--Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Fuck criminals on Wall Street,
Who hoard their wealth each day,
While others work long hours
For next-to-nothing pay--
If this is opportunity,
Then fuck the USA.

Fuck bankers and investors,
Who gamble every day
With others' hard-earned savings,
Then give themselves a raise
From government bailouts
And corporate giveaways--
If this is opportunity,
Then fuck the USA.

Fuck all the corporations,
Who move their jobs away
To poor Third World countries,
Where a worker’s hourly pay
Is just under a dollar--
Well, hip-fucking-hooray--
If this is opportunity,
Then fuck the USA.

Fuck all the politicians,
That have been bought today
By Pfizer, AstraZeneca,
AIG and Fannie Mae,
By Microsoft and Apple,
By Berkshire Hathaway,
By Chevron, Exxon Mobil,
By Kaiser and GE,
Fuck all the politicians,
Who sold democracy.

So let the revolution
Ring loudly today
Right here in America,
In France and the UK,
In Germany and Italy,
In Egypt and Japan,
In Ireland, Australia,
In Canada and Spain,
In Russia and China,
In Haiti and Iraq--
Let's tell the corporations
That we don't give a fuck
For all their fucking money
And all their fucking wars,
For all their greed and profits,
And their lust for more.

So let the people rise up
And tell them "NO MORE!"--
Until they all just choke
On all their fucking wars,
On all their fucking money,
On all their fucking greed--
Because this world has plenty
Of everything we need.

October 17, 2011

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