We reminisce about times we never had
In groomed backyards with shining skies
And romantic escapades filled with youthful ploys
Smiling faces fill these sentimental reveries
While alone we sit in old ripped jeans
And realize that these times we had
Were dreams and only dreams
Nothing more.

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Hello esteemed reader

I am always looking to better my writing and thus urge anyone who reads this to let me know what they think about it



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Starry Eyes

I'm sorry the world taught you that love is unkind,
As a child it's taught many the same,
The notions and potions we think can buy love,
Oh dear child, believe me...there is no one to blame.


See,what all your parents keep preaching,
Isn't 'cause they are old and don't care,
They keep telling you it's not what your thinking,
Because, see, they've already been there!


A card on your birthday, a diamond necklace,
There's big cash for big businesses in what you allow to impress,
Love hasn't a thing to do with all of those,
It's your hormones that tell you such lies as you grow.


The feelings are strong and especially at first,
Be aware, don't despair, it's just teenage angst that will burst,
The world isn't ending, this life will go on,
Just remember to deal with your feelings head-on.


The heart can control, and this isn't bad,
But sometimes growing older can really make you sad,
So as long as you learn to take responsibility
For your feelings, all will be just fine....believe me!!


You'll know when love hits you, because you seek no return,
It's mere presence will shower the gifts you know you deserve,
It will water your graciousness, caudle your talent
In ways that enhance your inner beauty to be balanced.


I don't give advice because I'm no different than you,
But if I could, I would say to just "Fall in love with you",
After all, you must have something to give it away,
Love to loving all the world first, and love will be with you to stay.


It may take some time, but all the best in life does,
Be patient, be wise, be YOU...because YOU are LOVE.



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Author's Notes/Comments: 

Suggesting to children to love the world first to find romance.

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