*Is There Anyone Out There?*

December-31-2002/ 10:59pm 
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Is there anyone out there 
That feels this feeling that i do 
Just trying to push my way out of bed 
Just trying to push my way through 
This pain in my heart The fog in my head

Sick of the pain 
Every time i wake 
Always above me clouds and rain 
Tears always seem to get me to break 
Everyday i relive these tears'stain

Some days i wish God would end this game 
And let me have a wonderful man 
A charming and good hearted in all the same 
One who isn't afraid to hold my hand

God don't you care don't you see 
These tears are getting the best of me 
I just wish to be free of these long nights 
I just want to see a brighter light

Is there anyone out there 
Who feel the same 
Is there anyone who will care 
One who'll smile every time he says my name

If there is a possibility Lord 
Please send me that angel from above 
Send me that prince i am to love 
One who'll protect me with his sword

God answer me this 
Is there a reason i must live 
Will you ever send me that wonderful kiss 
Because If not My life to me why did you give

Is there anyone to share a special kiss 
Is there anyone to able me to hug so tight 
Will there be that special man to miss 
Will i ever get the chance 
To go to sleep with him holding me right 
When will i get to be romanced

God until next time i speak with you 
I hope to send you good news 
Pray i can tell you I'm no longer blue 
I would love it to be able myself to say "I found someone true"


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This Is All I Can Say

I miss you, sometimes painfully,

And I love you so,

And it isn't the parts you think,

But the parts of you that glow,

It's the part only I have ever seen and loved,

I hardly know it, and yet it is the part your heart is of,

And somehow I am ashamed I never knew it,

Because to me, it's amazing...'sunlit',

Even though it's behind all your pain,

Somehow it sings my name, again and again,

But how can I ever know?

If you're afraid to let anyone in,

If you're afraid to grow?



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