Midnight Souls

In the purple hazy skies,
Beneath the tree of the weeping fruit.
The nocturnal stare into patterned clouds,
As they slowly breathe the voice of tomorrow,
Secretly screaming for another way.

The sharp horizon severs the world in two,
Cascading waterfalls bend rainbow wishes,
Contaminating them with mists of despair.
Across twilight moons,
Shadows steal stars from the sky,
Locking them in vacuum pockets.

Without the light to guide them into the destination unknown,
Mothers drown their babies as they tread thick water,
Holding their breath to capture the voice of tomorrow,
Secretly screaming for another day.

Brothers cling to each other’s life,
Swimming in separate waters,
They stray to find their own path,
Freedom from the chains of imbedded fate,
Escaping the judgement of society’s imprint.

In a desert oasis,
Far from the voice of yesterday,
Two twin souls embrace,
Freedom in their own desert garden,
Clarity in every new movement,
Future days,
Another way.


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Love is much deeper than we may conceive,

We may become channels that flow endlessly,

We can’t avoid feeling,

Denying our tears,

Pretending we’re careless,

Throughout all our years,

As old ones sure leave us,

And those we held dear,

New ones will join us,

And they we hold near,

As the student is ready,

The teacher appears,

And love removes mountains,

Forgiving our fears,

We’re all in this cycle of love which we learn,

And all of our carnal desires must we burn,

We all yearn for freedom to let us fly higher,

Liberating our souls of this burning desire.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem about the efficacy of the power of love in our lives...

A Pathway

there is a mountain that must be passed
there is a way that must be conquered
Travel through the perilous path, leads to freedom, leads to life
Only those who dare to risk, only those who dare to cry


There's another route that stirs attention
It calls out against the moon in the darkness of the night
Whispers gently to the people, prays upon weakness, then bids unfortunate goodbye
Seek to follow, seek to listen, fall prey against the morning light


A choice must be made and the choice must be followed
strum on with ambition, or slip short to desire
May perish or triumph, yet emerge the same, you cannot
Its a journey, we're all born to go, just a bit more than forty degrees below


Meant for me, and meant for others, there's certain peril that lies ahead
Who we are and how we're set, will forge a stone within our chest
Don't heed lightly to my warning, don't drown a fool without first walking
its up to us to rise or fall in the bitter face of it all

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conjugal visit

the guards have stepped beyond the door
for just this moment the bars are forgotten
wall of glass between us shattered by reality
as hands reach into jeans to feel my thickness there
waiting hungry life..
eyes dance as passsion grows within..
time is short and months of hunger explode..
grabbing fiercely at thin layers of fabroic betwen hunger and its release..
rip tear split share
deep kiss.. lingereing taste..
moistness slides around warm fingers..
teeth gently speak in the staccato verbs of pleasure and pain..
nails speak the secret message of longing
as they scream thru flesh
i had once spoke of my hunger for you
from behind the glass
fingers outstretched as they glided down it across your face..
words did no justice to the
rapture now washing over you
slam against wall as thrust deeply..
each chapter of my thick sex read slowly to the waiting ears of ur pussy
listen to my stories of hunger as each thrust reverberates against the wall..
shaking your form. breasts heaving as they crush against me…
twist slam. floor creeps up fast
as mouth clamps down around sex..
drink deep the taste of freedom..
sustenance for the long months between our next meeting..
tongue fucked deep..
choke me baby let me feel my world spin with your thighs around my neck..
hands drive into my scalp..
giving more of your pleasure to my hungers..
blood drawn on shoulders.
pain flicks tongue deeper into your flesh..
dance with the rhythm of last supper..
soon back to the warzone as reality creeps up through the steps of time to steal me away again..
each drive deeper into your center..
remember me as this cock fills you up..
sweet freedom of your sex..
sweet taste of your pleasure..
i release my all to you that iit may do u more good in the prison of the world than me in a place forever outside of it..
slam down as thrust finds release..
lifesblood flowing across your skin..
hurried rush of clothes
wrapped again in prison outfit..
i stare at the invisible number of your shirt..
you stare at my visible one..
stare deep and remember me baby

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is dedicated to all the brothers and sisters incarcerated..

Well of waste

I want to drown myself in coffee.. I want to melt into every part of you.

beauty lies within the eyes, so what you expell is what you put out, & in turn recieve.. 

& in those times you bleed, & feel ugly, know it's all a part of being set free.


crippled, I stand.

shaking, my hand.

waving, goodbye... I let out a sigh.

why bother to ask? alone at last.. comfort in this clasp..

the suffocation of myself. 


breathe, be, clear my eyes with water, in attempt to better see. 

I can't bare anymore to feel the black shroud of this clouded memory..

my heart cries out for clarity..

envisioning the future, I climb..

but we all tend to fall a little short in the grasp of time.. 


how I wish to call you darling.. & stroke your hair..

caressing the sides of your face, & playing with the jewelry in your ears..

i'm sorry I couldn't of done better.. for my family has the tendency to fight & fetter.. 


another sunny day, wasted away.. I kind of wish I could lie down in my grave, & rest eternally..

maybe so many of us are unhappy because we never stop searching, we never let our heart or mind get a rest..

we always push ourselves further, & wonder why it seems like a test.. 

why haven't my eyes bled out yet...? why am I still here..?

this fear is parasitic.. consuming your insides.. till it's all that's left there... 


if I were to die, i'd hate to know he got the satisfaction of my silence...

the suffering I endured, creating massive hurricanes of inner violence.. 

i'll try now, to bring up a well of pity... just for you.. maybe i'll even throw in a penny, or dime..

but not a quarter, cause you were never worth my time.....


if you continue.... I hope you fall on your face someday, & land on my grave...

when you do, i'll be sure to pull you straight through, down under, to burn in hells fire..

this is one of my many darkest desires..

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Are we really arguing again?

This house is too small
I feel bigger and I need a way out
My arms burst through the ever closed windows
My legs and feet through the basement floor and then soil
This foundation that should stabilize is not even the original
That grew me into a flower from seedling
Spare the house for them
But let me break free




She’s the shadow in your dreams

At the darkest of night

The bitter-sweet hope

That dawns on you

At the first sight of light.


Chinky eyes…

Killer smile…

Chase her and she flees

Faster than a lightning.

Give her freedom, leave her be

She will flutter closer to your

Heart – gracefully.


Odd and yet even…

Complicated and yet simple…

Never define –

A pure heart that is not jaded.

Her darkness is her strength –

Light, her salvation

Free as the wind…


A wild heart’s destiny.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 24Jan13 – Dinner @ China Town, Penang Island. To my China Eyes.


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Last Stand

Awakening to whistles piercing walls
Seeing women running by 
Watching little men cry
I began to question "where am I?"
Thundering roars threw me
Metal dropping down like rain
The people writhing in pain
Should I lie down 
The crushing noise of the vehicles engine
Many people lying in its path
I could feel the behemoth wrath
I wondered if I was next
I saw my helmeted brother
The color on his chest
He had decided to take a rest
I knew he would see me soon
Life of oppression is promised
This is my last stand 
Alone with my brothers we take deaths hand
For death is the solace of freedom 
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What are they teaching our children?

I cannot begin to fathom how I work so goddamn hard for years, scraping together every coin I can get my hands on in order to save and end up in a bottomless pit where I cannot see a light. There was once a light when I was young, but that light has gotten dimmer over the years. How can this country pride itself in being a land of dreams when I've been here for 20 years with nothing to show for it? I am having my independence slowly stripped away from me all because I follow every law, every rule, every guideline this country has put in front of my face since birth. When other countries criticize Americans, they should be criticizing the government who runs it, not the people who live in it. The people who run it no longer know what it means to live. They simply do; they do not think.