2010-2012 Poems

Days could get crazy
And you would want to say-

Days could get lazy
And you would want to just-
Ease out.

In your busy day,
You’d want to go for a road trip
And break-away.

In these lots of ‘sometimes’
Lots of things you can do-
But never ever EVER forget…
The ‘wild’ in you. :)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c)jerlin -01Dec11
A poem I wrote for Shaleena, a friend with the kindest heart and adventurous spirit- as her 'secret Santa'. I gave her a camping tent that she can dump in her car trunk and bring everywhere she goes. :)

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leave, left, live

Left in hate, I argue about love, and what is the frustration about when the cause outreaches the existence of liberty and when the argument lives in hate.


I closed my eyes, and separated myself from everything and everyone. I left the world’s haunting commotion and its superficial duties. I dropped the meaningless thoughts of the day and let go of all attachments, which bind me to the shackles of game and work. I entered my own universe, one whose parallels are unhindered, flowing freely with the senses of my imaginations. I embarked on a formless transcendence, one whose sounds are colors, lights are dreams, objects are memories, with love in streams. I felt blended and dissolved into the horizons of the beauty portrayed before me, and I was consumed by the infinite capacities of its wonder. Thoughts became memories, images waved into ripples, sounds illuminated into flashbacks, and logic disassembled into mysticism. Pain transformed into a tingling pleasure which magnified with every stimulus resonating throughout the plains of this virtual reality. Time seemed to take the form of peaceful waves flowing to the shore. It just flowed, and carried on. It was no longer still in fear and distorted in idleness, it just moved along, with nothing but the hymns of the wind to carry it. It was kind of funny, that despite all of the fascinating phenomena being cast upon the spires of my imagination and fortress of my unconscious, there was silence. It was so deep and tranquil, so calming to chaos. Fears just began to drift with the tides, turmoil began to disassemble in the rays of sunshine. Reason took the form of nothingness, and sublime art scattered throughout the skies, just painting its realm its realm with the aspirations of my innocence, and the dreams of my desideratum.

Truly wonderful it was, as I left the chains of the world and my scars aside,
But I ought to face these challenges, so that such beauty with reality, may coincide

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Overwhelming is the divinity of the absolute beauty encompassing the light in my eyes
Cast into a realm of dispersing contemplation, by which the forms of existence coincide
Entranced with the delights of sparkling imaginations, where joy and sorrow peacefully lie
Realizing that the truth is held with a sight of keen awareness, and with wisdom to guide

Fine are the threads which cast blissfulness onto the plains which stretch in wonder
Inexplicable are the details of synchronous sublimity, by which our passions freely soar
Insatiable are the dynamic fires of our souls, which spread wildly with flames asunder
Enveloping the entities portrayed by senses with a gratitude great, but with pain nevermore

Alone in the dark, silent with my thoughts and stilled with fleeting memories and sounds
I look ahead, just more blight, I can’t see what’s ahead, I can’t feel what’s coming
Unpredictable and whimsical was the setting, walking forth towards a future confound
For there lies the beauty, in the hands of formless sequence, where I’m always rebelling, and always running

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A Wolf's Freedom

The mist, the breeze, silhouettes of vague moonlight and grasses of fading green
Flourish mysteriously artistic sublimity, and pierces to mind a fascination beyond
Beauty in its chaos, wonder in its profound mirage, to my sight it has forever deemed
Lost was I for eternity in this moment, blending with the resonation of a perfect song

Through the grips of the night, I hear the soothing howls of the mystic wolves, the glimmer of twilight dancing throughout the scope of its eyes enchants my sight. I look into the wolf’s eyes, noticing the wavering of its graceful fur, the steadiness of its firm paws on the blighted colors of the earth, the blissful and powerful growling resonating through the senses of my spine, the fury of its stance which magnifies with the vistas of dark horizons, its chest flowing in breaths of shallow nature, raising its chest in brief periods. Despite all of the intriguing details of its intimidating presence, the fear with which its claws ought to cast into the hearts of the ordinary, I gaze thoughtfully into the eyes of this magnificent creature, and realize an innocence enflamed with an ultimate passion for freedom. I noticed the rapid pulsation of its chest rhythmically dancing with the fervent flowing of glimmers in its alluring eyes, and saw nature in its pure and basic form, and felt the potency of its life searing through my existence with a power divine. I drifted off into the plains of this eternally enlightening night, I look once more into the eyes of this majestic creature, and then take a look at myself. An inconvenient truth then hit me with a sense of unbearable grief. Man no longer belongs here.

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My thoughts

Like an eagle
Flying high in the sky,
Soaring and Squawking.
Leaving the earth behind,
Letting go of things that hurt,
Things that make me cry,
And want to die,
To say goodbye.
But soaring up in the sky,
I don’t feel the need to end my life.
All I feel like I need,
Is to close my eyes,
And be free.

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A dream I fly off into, throughout the wavy plains of its plasticity
I witness a haze of blur, a fuzziness of soft fur, and a path towards horizons
Dizziness embraces my mind as it instills into the threads of unpredictability
Beauty engulfs the world’s foundations alongside the dispersion of imaginations

Levitating was I amongst the rays of resonating wonder
Gliding through the destinies of untold passions and unstated love
Soaring unhindered alongside inspirations which guide asunder
Blending with the specks of reality which attain to the ultimate of freedoms

Not with much meaning may the words of such nature in discrete images describe
But rather in the flowing fluidity in which it is cautiously inscribed
May you dwell into the beats of instigating invigorations of the soul
Ones with which your sight envelops not with single identity, but with beauty as whole

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Boundless Beauty

Love Poems

With its glimmer, the essence of your eyes reveals the tales of untold passion and unbound love
With its sway, the grace of such alluring hair casts upon the world the auras of infinite light and emotion
With your smile, all sources of pounding pain are erased with an embrace daring to all forms of darkness
With your approach, the beats of my heart rhythmically resonate with the natural tendency of the universe

With your touch, a cleansing so magical redeems the worn fractions of my form with a hope shining as bright as the wildest of stars, offering vivid glimpses into the vistas of unreal heavens
With your presence, the pace of the world’s unwanted commotion fades into the threads of nothingness, and the potency of your being illuminates my world with the rays of inspiration

The sweetness of your voice kindles the fires of my lost vitality, and reincarnates the spires of my soul with the flames of life and the tears of joy
The whims of sparkles emanating throughout the endless plains stretching throughout the infinite scope of your wondrously precious eyes, enlightens me with all the beauty the exists in heaven, and in hell

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Transcendence of Love

Love Poems

The ultimate freedom the tingles of your gestures offer bless me with a subliminally sanctioned transformation
The celestially stimulated contact with your being unleashes a fire unfettered even by the sowed roots of superstition
The sparkling symphonies which mingle harmoniously throughout the insightful plains of your eye’s instigation
Illuminates with potent ability the sources of my skeptical form, torching the flames of genuinely generous inspiration

The swaying of your boundless aura of profound beauty engulfs the miseries of the world with the spires of artistically embellished inclination
Filling the hollow pits of perpetuating idleness with the dynamic flowing of resonating intuition
Enriching the destined damnations of my split soul with a bridge built merely of lov’e constitution
Embracing the long lost stagnated scars of the past not with easy effort recalled, but with the streaming by which its resurfacing leads to reincarnation

The paramount pains of the universally practiced acts which be performed on the superficial grounds of an inhibiting stage
Ultimately prevents the binding of our lost fates, by which the whims of our capriciously wondrous love may fluently flourish
Placing obstacles above the ones naturally set, whose physical laws impede our eternal escape from the flaws of this perfect world, before time comes of us age
A flee which corresponds to the timeless cries of those who craved true transcendence, by which an authentic love be nourished

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