Twisted reality & a wounded love

Realities twisted, lying through your every day lives, seeping in your eyes...

fusion in their very own true colors...

our skin is dead.. the heart is greatest the vessel.

my brain is on overload.. nothing stays in tune. 

Forever packaged in your box of perfect calamity. misery hate's herself, but loves her company..

shadowed by death & the light is to conceal the darkness.

water flows inside us, like our waves of emotions..
Ocean of life, the constant misty rain to trickle despair,

the sand to hold us together & bury the fear sunken beneath it..

I won't ever know if you really love me.

Your mind is almost always ingested with shit.. & then you go & feed it.

although fantasy is my favorite belief, I don't want to be the plaque on your mildly yellowed teeth..

I don't want to be that needle in your arm...

I do wish I could free you from "your reality" of pain..

i'd like to take you on an adventure far away with me.. somewhere we'd both be free.
because in the end I think I know I can ignore & re-create parts of reality to where I need it to be.

I hope one day you'll be able to comprehend that state of freedom mentally.. 

I don't expect automatic acceptance. I know everything is a test..

sometimes, or for the most part, it could make everything seem worthless..

I try my best not to fall on my face.. I live for spiritual feat.

but if what I live for isn't on this earth too, then why is my body here to begin with...?

I feel physically unnecessary.

everything here now just ends up what used to be... i'm not sure if it mean's anything to me..

I miss so many people every second, every passing day... it's like each day is a bigger loss then the one before.

but I guess the soul could just be a gaping black empty growing hole..
Don't get me wrong. I entrust positivity.. but this pain is buried within my identity.

a lot of the time when you'll try so hard to fly... you will end up falling..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oct. 2012. 

The Key

The worst guards are ourselves
We sit on the shelf waiting for someone else
Not realizing we are waiting for a visit
In self-made prison cells
We must leave
We must break
The grip of fear is yes; sometimes great
But Love is a real power we don't yet understand
Able to move mountains
Able to turn acid rain to soft sand
We are all the Universe
How can it be another way?
How can something become something seperated from everything?

Humanity must listen
It must awake
This system controlled by the few
Brings dis-harmony death and pain
Without it, we would laugh, love and play
In unison with eachother
Including our planetary mother
She's alive
She's aware, she sees
This is a dream
It is not real
We think it is
But it is just a veil

The cell has broken
Secrets running rampant
No longer quietly spoken
Knees no longer in the sand
Fist swollen with teared eyes open
Love is with all of us
So why dont we hold it?
Why don't we dance and be joyous and happy to show it?
Because that is true power
And these bastards know it
But it is not just them
They are victims themselves
Hurt and pushed around
Just as much as anyone else

People ask how can we be free?
Isn't it obvious or is it really just me?
It can only be attained by happiness and peace
Anything is possible
No if, ands, or buts in between
Love is the key
And we, I passionetly believe
Will be the generations that will set this planet and ourselves free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We will be, the generations that will set this planet free. I will always passionetly believe.

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Freedom Of Speech


Freedom to stand your ground and alert
Freedom to whether you would like a salute
Freedom to set a basic standard on point of view
Freedom to make a rebuttal on certain matters
Freedom to express your opinion to win the battle

Freedom of speaking in your own tone of voice
Freedom of allowing others to listen to your choice
Freedom of letting everyone open there mouths
Freedom of letting everyone scream out loud

Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech

Freedom is never to cower in the shadows
Freedom is never to allow your rivals to betray
Freedom is never to feel emotional and pysically weak
Freedom is never to be shy
And let your mind speak

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Free as the wind (Ode to the native American Indian).

Oh how I wish
I could have set
the native American Indians free
with pride and dignity.

Taking them back across
the great open plains
to their sacred home
in lush green vallie's
where buffalo are plentiful
and roam.
To live in peace
at one with nature.
once more.

Setting their spirits
as free as the wind
wild untameable
like a magnificent
stallion on it's journey

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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Have you ever wonder?

Why the bird sing?
Why the river flood?
Why do lion roar in the jungle?
Why babies cry?
Is what they seek.


Like the bird in the sky.
The train on the rail.
The breeze at the beach.
We all want to be free somehow.
Careless if you choose,
All I seek is freedom.


Freedom from insecurity.
Freedom from the evil that claim they rule the world.
Freedom from the arrogance of our leaders
And there cabinet of oppressors
Freedom from there corny,sneaky,lying,
Shameless and heartless ways of life.
Could this be too much to ask?
All I want is freedom
And nothing else.

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Autumn Leaves

Love Poems

Feel, and become possessed, by ecstasy
Listen, and behold the truth, of reality
Strive, and reach the spires, of infinity
Struggle, and bleed out the pain, incessantly

Run with the horizon, let your heart beat, wildly
Through untold sacrifice, you will know, liberty
Tear obstacles apart, if that provides, tranquility
Dare yourself beyond, the illusions of, security

Through great suffering, you will grow, spiritually
Let fear run within you, put in you, uncertainty
For that is life, playing the strings of, chaotic harmony
Enflaming the passion, which calls for you, very fervently

Live your lives, breath in the breeze, of swaying serenity
Gaze and dive, into the details of, whimsical divinity
Imagine and dream, what seems to be, an impossibility
For it’s your purpose, to fully realize, your one identity

The dark may overcome, cast numbness, upon you mercilessly
It may consume, steer you astray from, the threads of sanity
Whereas a hope still shines, so brightly, eternally luminously
Cleansing all the senses, reviving awareness, so beautifully

You can't control where things fall, you’ll fail, miserably
It’s impossible to know where autumn leaves land, eventually
Only when you hit rock bottom, and your mind has space, to finally see
Will you let go of this cursed mask, and realize how freeing, light can be

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Little Liar


little black liar on your perch so high
see how you lie see how you lie
tax us to death
steal our bread
sell us to your brotherhood
tell us we'll be alright
we'll be alright
you'll make things right

little black Marxist on your perch so high
why do you lie why do you lie
steal another term
let America burn
play your fiddle above the noise
liberty falls into despair
we fall into despair
things are fine you'll be there
little black liar

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Flying free
Away from here
My love branded me
Now nothing to fear
Nothing to lose
Everything's gone
All I have left
Is a new song

Now I'm free to fly
Away from here
No hold over me
Not one tear
My body is burned
By death of passion
Now all alone
Demise my ration
My ashes will fly
On the wings of the breeze
And you'll remember my love
In the whispers of the trees
For though I am free
I'm not leaving, hear?
And the remembrance of me
Will haunt you my dear

This freedom...; is it free?
Or is it just my apathy
Chilling the coals that once burned
Before your ice did make them turn
Now ashes are all thats left of my love
Look down on me good God above!
See the pain that's slit open my veins
See all the tears that are hidden in rains
See how my dreams were dashed on what's real
See how loving of death I now feel
And all the while I can see her grinning
This I know: Death is just the beginning
So again I ask, Is freedom free
Or is it just a wish for me?

Who knew I could make ashes from cinders?
Who knew that Snow could be made of heat?
Who knew that always doesn't mean forever?
Who knew that my loss could make me complete?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a remake of "Free" for ashes_twisted, and is open to change. Enjoy

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Tune up your senses, to the light in your eyes
To the plains of artistic beauty, you shall arise
Burn your love, with the embers of desire
Continue to soar, ever up higher

Stimulate your senses, to the dynamics, which surround
To the boundless wonders, you stand unbound
Kindle your entity, with the energies so pure
In nature lies, the most abundant of cures

Never aim too low, or accept what is given
To higher imaginations, you must envision
Discharge the feelings, which resonate with your form
To a divine state of awareness, you must reform

The heavens are your map, to the path of your fate
So move on in your journey, to the most blessed state
Where your senses are alive, with the actions you take
When you live free and dangerous, and everything’s at stake

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