A Pathway

there is a mountain that must be passed
there is a way that must be conquered
Travel through the perilous path, leads to freedom, leads to life
Only those who dare to risk, only those who dare to cry


There's another route that stirs attention
It calls out against the moon in the darkness of the night
Whispers gently to the people, prays upon weakness, then bids unfortunate goodbye
Seek to follow, seek to listen, fall prey against the morning light


A choice must be made and the choice must be followed
strum on with ambition, or slip short to desire
May perish or triumph, yet emerge the same, you cannot
Its a journey, we're all born to go, just a bit more than forty degrees below


Meant for me, and meant for others, there's certain peril that lies ahead
Who we are and how we're set, will forge a stone within our chest
Don't heed lightly to my warning, don't drown a fool without first walking
its up to us to rise or fall in the bitter face of it all

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I love this! Just what I

I love this! Just what I needed to hear! Wise words beautiful verse! Cheers s s

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