another one - the sequel

he played the part so perfectly
he’d given it his all
now he could finally go back home
but in the car, his engine stalled

it was a perfect omen
to the things that would go down
what had not been planned
while the earth kept spinning ‘round

he finally made it there
happy to be at home
the clock had just struck midnight
he knew she’d be alone …

it happened then, the lights went out
in his house at the top of the hill …
he looked into the window
then he fought the urge to kill

he knew he’d never take it back
if he turned that painful page
his feelings mixed, he tried to
but he couldn’t stop his rage

as he charged into his house
on a rampage, down the hall
running now from room to room
staring at blank walls

what had he seen, she was not there
he couldn’t find her anywhere
the screams that filled the empty air
bounced off the t.v. screen …

… it was only in a dream.

06-16-12 dhf.

© Debbie Finlay

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