know thyself


if you think that
you know yourself
then it means you
stopped learning.
why would you want
to do that?




i hear people say
'know thyself'
and it makes me
feel a bit

and uncomfortable.
not because i am
with myself, but
because the thought
of knowing
everything there is
to know is sort of
a ridiculous one.
no one knows

there is to know,
not even about
themselves. but
when you are dead
i imagine you might
know everything
about yourself
that ever was,

wouldn't you





i used to

think that i

knew myself,

too. don't goes

away when

you wake up.



maybe set

the alarm.



then you can

live a more

full life.

have a good

one, whatever. 



© 2013

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sy75's picture

The school of life is never

The school of life is never ending. We learn things about eachother and about ourselves on a daily basis. Every decision we make in life is a learning curve. Very rarely do we get the life we deserve. thankyou for sharing your work.

nightlight1220's picture

Yes, I do see it that way. It

Yes, I do see it that way. It is sad to think we have created a society that places people in categories, but from what I can see, people accept it. Hopefully this will change for future generations and one day all human beings can arrive at their true potential authentically. As far as getting what we deserve, I have yet to finish pondering on what 'deserve' means. I have learned so far it does not mean the same thing as 'karma', nor does it have the equivalent of 'worthy', like many seem to believe. Just what is 'deserve'? I am still learning. Thank you for your kind words.

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "