My heart burns slowly,

As that of the cigarette,

She know it well,

She is not to soothe, yet!



I feel like losing breath,

As a drowning man,

If she comes and fondly embrace,


I shall live, yes I can!


Alas! My wishes will die with me!


She will not hear my sighs ultimately!

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what they said about death

i met my soul mate last night
he introduced himself as the perfect mix of drunk and high
a crumpled cigarette hung loosely between his lips 
as he intoxicatedly fingered his lighter
i gently replaced his hands with my own
lighting the cigarette with the flick of my thumb
"a beautiful girl who lights my cigarettes?
 they said death would come slow 
 but they didn't say it would come
 with you."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hi guys i'm new

this is my first poem on here

it's a retelling of my night last night

i love reviews; the good, the bad, and the ugly

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Eyes of serpentine

the grip of each day grow's tighter... my head keeps feeling lighter..
my heart is falling too heavy to bare.. my throat is clenching..
i'm sorry.. I think I need air... why did you ever bother to care...? 
intoxicated by your gaze.. I don't regret not keeping our distance...
but I didn't know how much I would miss the way your eyes looked, subtle & penetrating, before we'd kiss..
I could sit with you for hours..
watching your hand rolled cigarette burn..
smoke elevates to the corners of your ceiling..
no longer am I granted with such a simply wonderful feeling.
I don't need you anymore!
.. but i'll always be there, to care.. even if you think i'm not.. 
no matter how far out I could be.. doesn't matter who you're with.. 
my love isn't blind.. so don't think I can't see..
the distance between us now means nothing to me.

My First Cig Puff!

Holding that slender stick in between two fingers
The curvy wavy light smoke in air lingers

I remember my how I first held its butt between my lips
An air of curiosity travelled down my core, as I lighted its tip

I looked at the lit cigarette and with pride took my first puff
Smoke dint seem finding space inside and I burst out, it made me cough

That challenged me to attempt once again, this time I felt my smoke-filled chest
I was gagged, hooked for a moment; it was kind of a head rush… at its best!

That whiff of smoke was a game changer, not letting me avoid one puff
Hell! It dint taste good, then why doesn’t puff after puff seem enough?

I was addicted! Seasons didn’t matter, time did no harm
Rushed to a clandestine zone after sensing ‘quench the flame’ alarm!

I am not bad. It’s a compelling force, I cannot shun away
It should just not invite my grave, be my well-wisher and pray!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health

Yellow American Spirit

The smoke tasted similar to
tea-kettle steam, mixed with
the least cozy of rustic
woodland incences, forming
a cruelly mellow and inconsequential
flavor, bland to mind, body, and spirit.

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