Then I met “Me”


I have been building my place of hiding, my shell, since I was born,

At first the sole purpose was purely for safety from a possible storm

But as years progressed, my shell became tattered and torn,

So, I rebuilt my shell so indestructibly that it can always be worn


I was always “me”, but never for the world to see

My shell became my permanent home, where I found my safety

My tears were always my own, never to be spilt or shown to anyone not even me

Decades later, I came to realize that I’ve hidden “me” so deeply that I lost my very own identity


“Who am I?”

“Who am I supposed to be?”

“Panic stricken! I might as well not be…..”

I Raced my car, aimed - just so that I could “accidently” crash into a tree..

But then……, I met the “one” and I met “me”


A Total stranger whom I met coincidentally,

Who uttered only a few harsh words, and ended with a cold glance.

A man who stabbed my soul so intense and deeply without even giving me a chance

Little did he know, that he would be the one who brings me back to reality





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What am I?

But a shell of your man

A cold pessimist

But I felt the most immense connection with you

A warmth

Beautiful girls like you

Never gave me the time of day

But you did

The time we dedicated to each other

Missed opportunities...

They were yesterday

I threw you away

Knowing I would never be good enough

I'm not the man that would have made your dreams come true

The more we talked, the more I knew I could never have you

I would have given you all of me

But that would have never have been enough...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Moving on is easier when you never had anything

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Home Sweet Home

There comes a time when your surroundings becomes too familiar.

you know every pothole, 

every crack in the pavement, 

even the clouds seem never changing. 

it's then that you know you must break from the comfort of your shell and fly.