ciggerettes , 

money and music , 

power and fire , 

pornography ,

philosophy , 

on top of me, 

inside of you ,

can you trust me?




lies , 

loniliness ,consciousness,

treading thy water ,

everyday I'm worse ,

everyday I wake up,

come wander with me love ,

come wander with me ,

away from this sad world ,

come wander with me ,

I came from the sunset ,

I came from the sea,

come wander with me love ,

can you trust me? 

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*Sometimes People Search Forever*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Sometimes people search forever

For that special kiss

Sometimes people wait a lifetime

For that loving bliss

To beable to feel that connection

And to experience an angels pertection

Sometimes people come together

To share the lasting affection


To get lost in eachothers eyes

To hold eachother with their embracing arms

To share their feelings with heavens of all skies

Dreaming of that true special one 

Smiling with memories of nothing but fun  


Sometimes people search forever

Just to feel the comfort of a lovers touch

The thought of "just being together"

Just thinking about it makes me want it as much

Sometimes people wish for that specialness

To be pampered with that loveliness


Sometimes just sometimes

People search for a wonderful dream

That may take forever to get here

But atleast It'll get here soon

Well before the thoght loses its shine 


Sometimes people search forever

For that one special love

That one you can always be together 

A special angel from above 


To make memories of the past 

And to make plans in the future to come 

Just one look at that someone 

Makes your heart beat fast

Knowing forever that person is the one 



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*Can It Be*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Can it be 
That god finally sent me 
Someone to help me pass my fears 
An angel to help me see 
That I can finally set my past free 
And Finally let go of these tears

Can it be That I am meant to actually be happy 
And not cry sadness every night 
Before I rest my eyes to dream 
Or I don't have to worry about how to fight 
Off the bad dreams that may creep 
On every corner of my mind 
That i might be able to have a better sight 
Of that perfect soul that I am able to find

Can it be 
That luck has finally found a seat next to mine 
For I am beginning to feel a real heartbeat once more 
Because of you I no longer have a pain 
And living is starting to no longer be a chore 
My skies are brighter and sunny there's no more rain 
I thank you deep down within my soul 
For there is a place within me for you to hold 
To keep safe and to protect 
And to take care of for forever 
And to you I promise you this 
Your soul I will keep from harm 
And every night to you a kiss 
Because our soul is as one 
Our love will soon begin to create a wonder bliss 
When we are together Hun 
Not one minute I want to miss

Can it be That god finally understands that Ive been through enough 
Are you the angel I am meant to be with till I die 
The one who is meant to carry me through the light in the sky 
Are you the one who'll make me once again strong 
Can you protect me from the tears I may cry 
Or not run away when things go wrong 
Can you honestly promise you will never say good-bye 
Can it really be true and not a dream 
I feel it in my body in my soul my sweetheart God brought us together 
Because even he sees we actually belong 
Always and forever 
And a day 
Even after we are in the next life we start 
Baby every night I pray 
That even then you'll still have my heart....

Trish Barrek Hopkins


I hope you enjoyed the poem

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*Is There Anyone Out There?*

December-31-2002/ 10:59pm 
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Is there anyone out there 
That feels this feeling that i do 
Just trying to push my way out of bed 
Just trying to push my way through 
This pain in my heart The fog in my head

Sick of the pain 
Every time i wake 
Always above me clouds and rain 
Tears always seem to get me to break 
Everyday i relive these tears'stain

Some days i wish God would end this game 
And let me have a wonderful man 
A charming and good hearted in all the same 
One who isn't afraid to hold my hand

God don't you care don't you see 
These tears are getting the best of me 
I just wish to be free of these long nights 
I just want to see a brighter light

Is there anyone out there 
Who feel the same 
Is there anyone who will care 
One who'll smile every time he says my name

If there is a possibility Lord 
Please send me that angel from above 
Send me that prince i am to love 
One who'll protect me with his sword

God answer me this 
Is there a reason i must live 
Will you ever send me that wonderful kiss 
Because If not My life to me why did you give

Is there anyone to share a special kiss 
Is there anyone to able me to hug so tight 
Will there be that special man to miss 
Will i ever get the chance 
To go to sleep with him holding me right 
When will i get to be romanced

God until next time i speak with you 
I hope to send you good news 
Pray i can tell you I'm no longer blue 
I would love it to be able myself to say "I found someone true"


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Habitual Memories (Prose)

Do you mean that it is something like the first cup of coffee in the morning?

Or maybe like the way you forget, and leave the toilet seat down after you peed all over it?

Or, no, (sorry about that) maybe just sort of like an after dinner glass of wine--you know...the one that causes you to snore on the recliner and wander off into bed without even brushing your teeth?

Or maybe like the way I used to spray every room with air freshener, even after it was cleaned, and smelled fresh?

Or could it be like the way one utensil or one glass in the sink would send you into a frenzy?

Maybe it was like a bowl of chocolate ice cream, or hair twirling?

Because, I'll just say one thing.
 I would not mind being any of the above if that were the case.

I mean that.

Even the pee on the toilet seat.

Because, when the words "bad habit" arrived at my ears, all I could think of was that,

Well, there is no way I want to be a cigarette in your memory.


© 2012

love poem for the future

In life my hope is to find someone to share
My everything with, and to whom I will love to Which no one could compare
Someone to hold when the shadows cast over us all
Encasing me any Which way I see, painting all the walls
Someone to be the star in my sky
My light from above, warming my soul Someone that I
Could share my secrets, life, love, and time with
We could live forever making every second timeless
Somebody that sees me as I'd see in the mirror
Except they see through my flesh and bone, thus seeing me clearer
Down to every wrinkle, spread across my brain
Seeing me through my stubbornness and all my pain
Someone who could understand me fully
Someone to love me unconditionally
Someone who's feelings mirror my own
Warm, caring, someone who feels like home
Someone who craves what I see in them
Someone who after it all, I would do it all over again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

why cant i find someone like this

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Have you ever felt an urge
Coming, going, and returning
Looking at someone, knowing
it's them
Realizing too, you can't

Accidently meeting on a clear
Being forced to turn, walk
Wanting very much, to reach
and hold
Afraid someone will leave you
Wondering why they ventured
your way
Knowing too they just can't
Hopeing in the future it can
Not you and I, just simply

copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

published in local

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