Green Armor



These people wearing faces

Leaving traces, of no truth

Of all the lies that slide

Down their tongues; no couth


My ears ring in a rage

This war waging, inside

Stop your selfish craves

So we can coincide


Your sordid aura haunts

Straining to flaunt, with my light

No waves of illusion immerse

My bold, green armored knight.











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And what is life?

But the art of dying

Where oblivion awaits

In the darkened corners of the mind

And what is paramount?

But the art of adventure

Where lessons are learned

In the openness to find

Factions of ourselves demand

Affection amongst pain

Where through the toiling ripples

Is where we’ll truly gain

Esteemed worth established

Through the artful grace of breath

A book of legacies transcribed

Our lullabies of death

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I'm Untouchable


I'm untouchable

Floating in the midst

Of my perfect existence

Becoming radiant

In all of my everything

Shining like the sun

Defeating darkness

Cause I'm shielded from all

This green armor stands

I'm reasoning

The underlying understanding

Of everything that passes

So subjected

To the bouncing emotions

That feed my soul

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