Our First Kiss 2012

Kiss of Honey

Having you so close to me
In this moment, when all I want to do
Is kiss you, hold you and keep you near
It is hard to breathe, let alone fight these emotions
All caught up in the sensation you create

Always been so closed, with you within my life
So hard to keep my book closed
I don't want to rush you, there is no need
I will take the time needed
I don't wanna mess this up

A kiss in the pale moonlight
I asked a friend to the movie's
Finally, having you in my arms
Feeling the touch of our bright fire
I don't want to ruin our love
Pushing you too far
Just a chance, you are the one
I been waiting for my whole life
For tonight, I am all right with a kiss good night

If I allow patience, we could grow strong in love
Brings us closer, deeper in the love we want
It has not felt so real, so pure

I didn't want to say good night, leave you
Not after all this time of waiting for love
But I know we will have more time soon
See you in my dreams tonight milove

But first, I need a kiss good night
Kiss goodnight

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The death of purity love

I think the reason I want to love someone so bad
is because there's been a hole in my heart since 2004
remember when the day of October 26th occured?
the day the woman of my dreams,the woman I loved the most
left this earth, the day I went cold?
I want that hole to be refilled
so I love hard, I give my all, in hopes that I can get love like hers again
in hopes that I can love someone as much as I loved her back then
But my love for her will never die, for she never left my side
the woman i'm refferring to, is the woman who gave me life
I feel whenever someone breaks my heart, knowing my story
that they're not only disrespecting my feelings
they're also contradicting the love that she had for me
yet, i'm still waiting for a true love of purity
I doubt anyone can love me the way Lorraine loved me

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Those Eyes

From Your Heart

Those eyes looking at me
I feel them but dont see them
I feel a shiver coming on

Everywhere I go, I feel them
Burning in me,watching me
I feel so alone, what to do?

I sit home alone
Reading a book, get into it
I feel eyes all around

I get up and look around
Dont see anything or anyone
But those eyes are watching

Why do they watch me?
What do they want?
Will they ever stop?

I dont know
But what if?

Those eyes are bright
I love watching them
They take my breath away

Maybe I should be scared
But Im not, for some reason
I feel heat rising

Those eyes have me
I want to see them
I want to feel them

Those eyes, I have seen before
Looking at me
I know it has to be you

That is why I am not scared
Why I feel you
Why I dont mind

Those eyes are yours
My love watching me
Protecting me, loving me

Those eyes were meant
To watch me, to love me
Your eyes I love.

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A to Z

give me a letter
twisted and beautiful
like butterfly wings
to fly to some magic lands.

give me a word
sharp as a razor blade
to cut them off
and fall like blooded rain.

give me a number
triple six and wine
to hide and reborn
ashes to sky.

give me an apostrophe
from A to Z
beginning to end,
to finish this poem.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

short and sweet...
Jesus, i can actually write some colourful words too

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it is a perfect day to feel a little morbid...

the winds fill the ears of the trees with painful melodies
and tears of the sky fill their being with long forgotten sorrow...

the earth shakes with tremor, like a sobbing body,
the groung opens, with a hideous smile, dribbling with red
glowing spit, waiting to swallow some hazardous victim...

tornadoes are dancing, deadly ballet of nature, taking to their
frenzy, anyone to their fancy!
leaving the stage empty, apart from the spotlight of the
thunder and the dying sound of the storm....

the rain will wash away the last remain, witness of his beauty.

behind the great shadow, the sun is waiting to take the
stage and rob his friends from the applause again...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

waiting for the rain...

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