Our Promise

The first time we met, our eyes laid upon a shooting star

Your eyes were glowing brightly as the star itself

Perhaps that is had me drawn to you

I loved the way you glanced over and smiled at me

That night glimmer enchanted me


Your smile always warmed my heart

The first time you spoke to me, I thought I would melt

Different sensations rushed through my body uncontrollably

When you came close to me, I was ready to burst

I never experienced the feelings I did with you


There was something about you that resembled an angel

Perhaps you were one, disguised as a human here

I was very drawn to you; I wanted you all to myself

To hear you, to see, and much more

You showed me that it’s okay to love and hold onto it


You gave me the feelings that I missed as a child

Giving hope back to me within people and friends

I thank you for everything that has been given back

I am so happy to be with you now

I don’t care what others think of us


If someday the friends and families we come to know,

If they decide to go against you for whom you are,

I will be your protector; your knight in shining armor

I never want to part from you like before

I would go mad if something were to happen to you


The horrifying nightmares you spoke of,

Send chills down my spine and make me unease

I want to make you a promise to and for us

Stay with me, at my side

We will meet again here at this garden


I promise you that I will be here

These fields of flowers that resemble an angel’s wings

Will be the witnesses of our promise

Hold onto the ring that I hold dear to me

For now you are the one dearest to me and love

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I enjoyed this. The subject of love has always been my favorite.

greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends