Stones Covered in Chocolate Frosting

We were once teammates
That grew close to one another
When we shared our darkest moments.
We worked together to help others
And to help ourselves lift each other up.
Our team was broken up
Almost as fast as it began.
But we held each other close
And we never knew our bond would follow suit.

You wrote me a letter through your heart.
I smiled because it meant so much and I felt the same.
I thought when you made the promise
You'll be there when I need a shoulder to cry on.
I felt like I could never be alone again.
But where were you when I struggled?

You made a mistake that changed your life
And every memory, every moment we spent
Was gone forever.
You drift apart like a plane taking off.
That is when I saw the stones covered in chocolate frosting.

Now you regret everything you did with me.
You even regret writing this letter.....
So it was all a lie?
The very letter that meant so much was just a curtain.
A curtain that covered a knife that left an open scar.
I continue to pick up the pieces of this mess to this day.
While you need your space.

How long will you need it?
A week? A month? A year?
How long will it be until I disappear and it is too late?
Enjoy your life while you still have it.
I won't be here when you come back.
I'm sorry.....

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Simply Chocolate


I adore
Sweet, Bitter, Melting Love
White, Dark, Milk in the way
Creamy, Solid, Hard, Cold
Chocolate is the Sweet I love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a fun and small poem about Chocolate that I love

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Musical Arrangement

I can taste the sound of laughter,

Like molasses on my tongue,

Like the sun is heard in chorus,

Childlike and full of fun,

When I touch the sight of scarlet,

It feels smooth against my skin,

And the smell of fresh pink hyacinth,

Hangs noodles down my chin.

A snowflake softly graces the wind,

A raindrop meets a lake,

If synesthesia ruled the world,

We might all be chocolate cake.


© 2012

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Chocolate or Love

I’m looking for a feeling
to consume my soul…my being.
More than happiness or joy or even ecstasy…
my life needs deeper meaning
than those simple words convey.
I need a feeling that will last
longer than one minute…one hour…one day.

It begins in my center…a warmth that will grow and bloom
then spread through my entire body even filling the entire room
in a way that makes me certain everyone can see
this feeling that I thought was inside of me…

But it isn’t…
it’s spreading faster and yet staying inside my body
where it has touched every nerve, every vessel, every vein…
until I feel like if I can’t control it
I just may go insane
But it’s a madness I quite enjoy—
an all encompassing feeling of contentment
better than the smile brought on by a toy
received on Christmas morning that I’d been dying to see under the tree…
what in the world brought on this amazing feeling inside of me?

My lips curve into a soft, slow smile
as my eyes drift slowly closed to better savor the feeling for a while
as the heat that began deep within
sends sparking tingles to my fingers and toes
and right when I think it just has to be peaking
I realize there are no limits to how it grows.

So now that I’ve found this feeling, I will not fight it…
I’ll enjoy it while it’s mine.
I’ll revel in its power…give in to its demands…
enjoy whatever it does to me during the time
I am fortunate enough for its embrace to be
wrapped around my soul…
since this could be the last time I have it…anything could
happen…you never know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one makes me laugh because everyone thinks it's about some REALLY steamy sexual encounter I had.

It's not.

It was inspired by the BEST Chili-infused chocolate I ever tasted in my lift. It LITERALLY sent sparks running through my body...mmmmmm...chocolate....LOL

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In glass houses don’t throw stones for sticks and stones
May break my bones but words will never hurt me
That saying is so full of shit
Marilyn Mansions love is like rose red but what if a rose, black
Oh yeah stop acting black
Raining on my soul with joy as if I’m entering the super bowl
A thorn in my side I will always be on your side to pull the thorn from your heart
Through thick and thin we will be together until the end
Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what’s going to happen
Or what you’re going to get its life
Just you get lucky and get milk chocolate


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