Stones Covered in Chocolate Frosting

We were once teammates
That grew close to one another
When we shared our darkest moments.
We worked together to help others
And to help ourselves lift each other up.
Our team was broken up
Almost as fast as it began.
But we held each other close
And we never knew our bond would follow suit.

You wrote me a letter through your heart.
I smiled because it meant so much and I felt the same.
I thought when you made the promise
You'll be there when I need a shoulder to cry on.
I felt like I could never be alone again.
But where were you when I struggled?

You made a mistake that changed your life
And every memory, every moment we spent
Was gone forever.
You drift apart like a plane taking off.
That is when I saw the stones covered in chocolate frosting.

Now you regret everything you did with me.
You even regret writing this letter.....
So it was all a lie?
The very letter that meant so much was just a curtain.
A curtain that covered a knife that left an open scar.
I continue to pick up the pieces of this mess to this day.
While you need your space.

How long will you need it?
A week? A month? A year?
How long will it be until I disappear and it is too late?
Enjoy your life while you still have it.
I won't be here when you come back.
I'm sorry.....

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