Welcome to my Landfill

Poetry is a wormy landfill

We dump our deepest and darkest secrets

Into a grease pit of vengance and depression

We blow our lover's ashes into the eyes of every reader

And wipe our ideals on to emotional toilet paper

Then charge people to read it

But poetic landfills differ from real ones

Poetic landfills are often gazed upon and admired

People will listen to lunatics

Rage about society's injustices

They will listen to romantics

Repulsively thorn over their latest lover

And what do we do?

We clap and comiserate

Roaring like Romans in the coliseum

Because it is in this wasteland of poetry

That we dare to dream that the damned

Can be delightful

And that our worms

Our lurking, slithering worms

Deserve their own pair of butterfly's wings


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Imagine a baby being born healthy...oh what a happy day!

Then imagine 19 months later a sickness strips it all away.


Imagine a sickness stealing your eyes and ears...never to give them back

Imagine living in a world of silence that is also bathed in black.


Of course you can’t imagine that unless it happens to you

But this is the only life that Helen Keller ever knew.


How do you learn the color red, or understand a tree

Or appreciate a cloud when all these you cannot see?


How do you learn a sound, or understand a tear

Or appreciate your mother’s voice when all these you cannot hear?


How can you learn to sing when you cannot hear the birds?

How can you learn to talk when you cannot hear the words?


How can you learn to read when the words are not in sight?

How, if you cannot see the letters, will you ever learn to write?


If you read about Helen Keller you too will be enthralled

Because, with the help of one great teacher, she learned to do it all.


She learned to read and write and talk, meeting all her lofty goals

By somehow seeing with her heart and hearing with her soul.


If you take the time to learn...how impressed with her you will be

As she lived in a darkened silence filled with grace and dignity.


I imagine if you were blind and deaf the problems you would face

Would make all other problems seem small and commonplace.


So I suggest when faced with obstacles you find over-burdensome

And you think there is no way they can ever be overcome.


Remember Helen Keller who overcame and never looked back


A world blanketed in silence...a world submerged in black.

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The Race

One in front, two behind.
Two in front, one behind.
Look back -
There are many behind.
As a team or individually?
How shall this race be won?
The longer I run,
The longer the race goes,
The longer the finish line is in sight.
The longer it is in sight,
The closer it may be.
O my mind! How it plays evil tricks!
The heat on my head,
My body, my hands, my legs.
O how my chest beats
With thy heart trapped in its cage.
How can I bear this pain any longer?
How much further must I run?
How many more obstacles must I pass?


Closer now I get,
Many more, yea, I hath passed.
One passed, one more to block the way.
One trouble gone, seems another has arrived.
A burden is rid, yet another takes its place.
The impatience grows inside me,
Yet the humbler I feel
As my feet hit the ground
One by one.
One by one is how the race is won.
One by one, each second is gone.
One by one, each step closer to the finish.
One by one, each obstacle is passed.
One by one, each round is done.

Forever is to long



             You've seen fire and you've seen rain. You've seen sunny days you swore would never end.


              Just like James sang. You had that sparkle that inner shine. Laced with love and wishing


              you could turn back time. The season has died and been born again. It whispers the tune


              of your last breath. Where do you or I go after here? Do we simply fly away and disappear?


              Can we grieve until the day we die? Do I spend my life asking why? Let us just remember


               all of it. The good the bad the things we miss. We're born into pain, into light and love.


              You can't stop this lonesome dove. She is intertwined with dancing free. She resides in a


              sad and broken part of me.     (In memory of  mom 1964-2012)





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a quick poem. Not perfected

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Journey of the Dissident

Pour poison on the brain,

Losing my self-control again;

I’ve been away too long,

I don’t recognise these shores,

Yet I was born and baptised in them.


Now I’m drowning in Aquarius eyes,

And choking on pearl tears,

Building something out of nothing,

Erecting an obelisk of all my thoughts and fears,

A spiralling story, shrouded by the clouds,

Threating to crush me at the beginning of a storm,

Knowing the beginning, but the rest is never-ending.


I’m a stranger in my body, reaching for control,

My mind was once my nemesis,

A place to refuge,

My body is now a vessel,

To champion my greatest glory,

A tapestry that changes from perspective,

To stitch and sow into flesh: ever so permanent.


Dissident marches on a limp foot,

Sheltering from electric thoughts;

Carved imperfections, a beauty to behold,

Freedom is a conquest with consequence,

Imprisonment for truths yet spoken,

True victory is to know that there is belief in oneself,

A catalyst for rebellion: the message is sewn. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This may seem dijointed, but I think it's came together nicely... I'm on a new path in life, so tried to convey that.

Mocking Shadows:


Mocking Shadows:

Shadows drift outside, mocking what I’ve become,
destroyed by circumstance, trampled by happenstance,
a shadow of what I could be, alone, hurt, memories haunting,
I sit here at my window sill watching the would past me by.

Stronger, that’s what they say that I am,
An overcomer is what I’m supposed to be,
but every night I close my eyes and all I see,
is the dark part of me, the child cowering in the corner.

Vultures circling waiting for death, to feast on rotting flesh,
eyes blurring, teetering on that edge,  watch them descend,
left here to die, the monster escaped, wondering the point,
not strong enough to pick up and move on, eyes slowly drift shut.

My pain is haunting me, lost on the drifts of anguish,
heartache seeps in crawling deep, the winds of terror,
burst forth sweeping me under, horror trapping me in a corner,
bitter and biting the frosted winds of misery cut, biting slices.

The shadows outside my window mock, for they are more than I,
nothing but a shade of what I could be, yet unable to break free,
lost on the this turbulent sea, emptiness capturing my heart,
struggling to just be, yet haunted by the pain in me.

I sit here a determine to be more, better than what I am,
yet for each step forward I take, life sets me three paces back,
slowly chipping away at the determined me, haunting me with the pain,
wanting to give up, yet still each day I awake and arise, hoping for more inside.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about becoming more



The least I expected you to do for me was to extend your hand as I’ve done for you
To offer your help and to ease my worry
But even that was too much
My words were stolen and pulled down the spiral of your conceited misery
It doesn’t always have to be about you
Do you think that you are the only one to suffer?
Get real
We all have a past, but some of us choose to not be victims of it.
Next time you ask me for a favor, I’ll remember your words and spit that right back at your face.

Not this Beast

Unburried roots


I am not this beast 

as you'd referred to me

though he does 

live inside of me


in my gut

and he's been trying to escape

so he's been tearing me apart

from the inside


I feel his gnarly claws



ripping my guts out


but he's not yet free

and I'll not allow him to be

he showed his ugly face

it was such a disgrace


shapeshifter ...


made himself look 

like he was me

but I tell you

My face does not look like that


if only you'd looked closely

you'd have been able to see

I am not this vial being

My heart is open and free


always loving 

everything and everyone around me

no longer will I allow him

to live


this parasite

he will die tonight

and I will wake up

to my beautiful new life

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