The Race

One in front, two behind.
Two in front, one behind.
Look back -
There are many behind.
As a team or individually?
How shall this race be won?
The longer I run,
The longer the race goes,
The longer the finish line is in sight.
The longer it is in sight,
The closer it may be.
O my mind! How it plays evil tricks!
The heat on my head,
My body, my hands, my legs.
O how my chest beats
With thy heart trapped in its cage.
How can I bear this pain any longer?
How much further must I run?
How many more obstacles must I pass?


Closer now I get,
Many more, yea, I hath passed.
One passed, one more to block the way.
One trouble gone, seems another has arrived.
A burden is rid, yet another takes its place.
The impatience grows inside me,
Yet the humbler I feel
As my feet hit the ground
One by one.
One by one is how the race is won.
One by one, each second is gone.
One by one, each step closer to the finish.
One by one, each obstacle is passed.
One by one, each round is done.

The Queen On A Silver Dollar

Words are written like spiders that have danced in ink,
Across the pages facts are re-written,
Painted from bruised memory,
I see skies only with creases in them.
So fold me now into myself,
Pin my paper heart to the wall.

Fat and thin, a delicate thing,
Secrets shared only on streets under moonlight.
The never, the maybe, the equal transition,
Is the beating of my mind.

The muscle pulls away in threads,
A sad sentiment of a fallen empire.
Sell me your story that will lead nowhere,
Replace the world with your anxiety.

Inviting hysterectomy of the self,
A bullet filled tissue is inviting a re-match.
How could a god make twins so dumb,
To dance so merrily in front of the gun?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A nation that falls for everything stands for nothing.