Musical Fantasy

The piano keys keep playing in my mind, 

it's all on a great giant gorgeous rewind,

of all the time we had that so was so short, 

every new song i try to deport your memory,


but the addiction is still there like a giant cut,

it's a damned door dancing freely open that i can't shut,

it's a the wind that wails wistfully away,

notes never kneeling, dancing on piano keys, I can't say, 


my peaceful sleep i can't keep,

medication or counting sheep, 

there you are and i remember regretfully,

why i stopped listening to music so frequently, 


30 and frozen at 15, where the magic still flows,

i'll only be released when time knows 

allows for my story to continue onward onward 


it's just a moment, a flash, and i worry 

that you aren't full of happiness anymore 


and here i am in a musical fantasy. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's poorly constructed but I suppose that could just reflect my state of mind right now. 



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Construction Is Fabulous

Flow suffers when you write to a rhyme is all. I read it aloud, to hear the cadence of the lines. I don't rhyme often. I over punctuate, it's a trade off--smooth flow or commas and an occasional semi-colon. This poem is about the music that sustains us - slc